Wedding Gift Cribbage Board

Hi everyone!

I had a co-worked hire me to make a cribbage board for a future wedding gift later next summer. He gave me free range on it. I have a couple of designs done and wanted to share this one with everyone. I think he will go with this one. Its titled “When Time Stood Still”.

In the design sheet I’m sending him, he has the option for different style fonts for the center Last name initial and the specific wording he wants.

Right now, the overall materials/dimensions are:
Black Walnut w/ Maple Inlays and Epoxy Inlays
Diameter: 12"
Thickness: 2.125" from the uppermost top and contours to 1.5" at the lowest point
The bottom of the board has a hidden drawer for cards and pegs.

Attached are the low res renders. My computer is chugging through the final renders as I’m typing this hoping for the time to pass by faster.

I would love to hear your thoughts, recommendations, and/or concerns. I’ve started my cut files on this one to make sure everything is doable on the machine. Everything right now passes the first look common sense approach my brain requires.

Thanks for looking! I should be starting the project in the next 2 weeks. I’ll post some status updates!!

  • Maurice

If it’s as good as your previous one, your co-worker will be delighted with such a unique piece of art.
My only comment for now would be that if “When Time Stood Still” is the title, it may be interesting to have it show a little more, right now the black lettering on dark wood is hardly noticeable from afar. How about you use maple inlays for that title too, to make it stand out ?

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You are absolutely spot on with that. I’ve been working a couple different designs to do that. I’m having a couple of issues with the cut file to machine it correctly for the inlay. I didn’t leave a lot of room to do a whole lot there.

This is tiny indeed, and with thin letters like those an inlay may be a challenge. How about using mother of pearl or similar “liquid” solution ? White epoxy if it comes to that? I would not do it on larger parts as it would ruin the overall “wood everywhere” look, but on those tiny letters…maybe. Way easier than an actual inlay.
Another approach could be to carve that text in a small brass or silver plate, and mill a pocket for that plate on the piece.

Epoxy was the other option I’m leaning into with and honestly the best and safest route.

I’ve kind of made my mind up with building this if he decides to go with this design. I’m going to cut deep for the inlays and keep it flat, then take a ball nose tip and carve the contour of the board for the radius. I’m not losing that much material in the grand scheme of things. I need it flat when I pour the epoxy, then cut down to my final depth.

Super excited to start this one.


@Julien Julien, you were right about the mother of pearl. This should be a great contrast to the black walnut. I added more area for customization. Starting to really come together.

Thanks again for the input!


This is going to be spectacular. I like the symmetrical design better too.
Keep us posted about the progress on this project !

The centre of the updated design is starting to resemble an hourglass, which would fit the message perfectly. Perhaps you might explore a more classical hourglass shape for that piece ?

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What program did you use to do the model & rendering ?

@Gerry I was going for that look, but went a little more blocky with the top. I might relook this.

Designed and rendered in Fusion 360. Everything in the model is ready to machine

Wow! That’s another level right there. I’m just getting started and that level of craftsmanship and detail seems inconceivable. You are an artist.

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So I’ve decided to create an online business for custom cribbage boards with a ton of different options available.

So far I standardized the circle pattern. I’ll have 3 different design types available. (Circular, Oval, and rectangular)

Base Circle Board

Card/Peg holder hidden on top of board:

Card Holder underneath board

And then I started playing around with a couple different models. Not set on any of these so far, just playing around seeing different type of models I can manipulate.

Looking for some help with different type of hard woods that really pull-off the 3D carve depth. Any ideas?


Technically this is true since these are Maurice’s 3D design renderings, and not yet finished items.

I’m very curious to see how those fine lines in the text and the filigree turn out when cut into wood. I’m hoping to be suitably impressed!

Finally found time to get this started. Not bad for day 1.

Everything is starting to come together :nerd_face:

Time for some epoxy…


Please use some scrap or other blocks to adjust the clamps so that the clamped end is lower than the other.

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Are you able to explain this a little more? I often clamp like what is depicted in this photo:

Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong …???



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You want the distal end of the clamp to be higher than the end which is clamped so as to have better leverage, and you want the clamp close to level so that it won’t by trying to pop the part out from under it.



Thanks for the heads up and best practices. I’m a big fan of Shurtape. Only issue I have with it, is it literally needs to be preyed off of the bed. I really only use the clamps to ensure no small lateral movements in the peice

I left the stepover larger to help with the sanding. Going to take my time with it.

Getting close! The machine ran great :+1:


@Gerry For the filigree and text on the hour glass, you are a 100% right, my engraver won’t achieve the cut I want. I have a laser that will cut that