Weekend Project #3 Flat Pack Step Stool

Weekend Project #3 Flat Pack Step Stool

Project Name: Flat Pack Mini Step Stool

Project File

3mm Thick Acrylic

.063" Endmill

Feed 44IPM
Plungle 19 IPM
Step N/A
DOC .019"
RPM 9200 RPM

Work Holding:
Double sided tape

Carbide Create Design View

This file was split into 2 jobs to fit on the Nomad table and is formatted for 4"x5"x3mm Acrylic we stock in the store.

Toolpath Simulation

Toolptath Simulation View of Job A set

Dibond - Acrylic - Luan - Test fit scale models

Depending on the thickness of the Material you have on hand, you can scale the design to make the slot sizes fit.

Pro Tip:
Leave the paper on!

When cutting Acrylic with protective film you can tape right to the protective paper layer.
So leave the Protective layer on the bottom of your stock!

This makes cleanup very easy, and its possible to cut through the acrylic without putting the tool into the tape.

If you do get into the tape, you can use Turpatine to remove the adhesive!

Clean Parts!

This file is a press fit with our Acrylic, which actually measures @ .106" / 2.76mm
Use the scale option in Carbide Create and a reference block representing your stock on hand to modify the CC file if you need to.

Its Flat pack, and can be made in different sizes!

Originally this was designed as a Step Stool for my son Jeremiah to be made on the XXL Shapeoko from a single sheet of 31"x32"x 1/2" plywood.
The story behind these scale models is I figured I would scale it down and test the fit with some .125" thick acrylic and .1" Luan (door skin) before cutting large parts that may not fit!

You have a couple options for this project:
A: Cut the Parts as they are as a test.
B: The Carbide Create file can be scaled up for a full size Step stool using 1/2" Plywood on a S3 XXL
C: Make Desktop Tool Organizer by adding holes for your table top tools

DXF link for Full Size Step Stool for 31"x32"1/2" PLY

This view shows an alternate example of a version with holes for .125" and .25" cutters.
I used the Grid to sap the centers of the circles to.
Depending on your design you may need to adjust the grid spacing.

My Favorite Desktop Design tools, Pigma Micron Pens, Copic Markers, and Carbide Cutters!


First Person to make a Full Size Step Stool from .5" material and Document the process will win a Carbide Community Care package.
Contents TBD.

Some Video of the Scale Stools:

Carbide Create User Guide

Feeds and Speeds



Any XXL users undertaking the full size step stool project?

Yep, thinking about trying it. Just need to buy the right stock.

Cool. Wish I had an XXL. Really wish it did a full half sheet. Best of luck to the victor. The care package for the Cookie Penny was pretty cool, so you better get on it :wink:.

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This is great, nice little project to get me going.

I just assembled my shapeoko and have been playing with the software and the main unit. For this project, what software did you use to actually design the stool outline?

This isnt exclusively for XXL owners, the Step Stool can be made on any size Shapeoko.

Only 1 part will require a 16" x 16" x 1/2" piece of stock.
Heres the CC file scaled up for 1/2" stock:

Wow, that dxf file includes some other cool stuff, too. I like the shell cross-section…

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Alright here it is in MDF. The wife will paint it and keep it in our daughters room with a plant on it !

The dog bone filets were giving me real troubles at first, messed with my Z axis and all. Then they would just stop and dwell at them for a bit, lol. Carbide create needs a smoothing tool (fit curves to vectors) to help with this. If you look at the drawing in node edit mode you’ll see how bad they are!
Everything fit great, I cant lie I did do an offset of .0025 outward on all mortises. Still nice tight fit but should have added a couple here to allow for a tighter fit. I will just hit it with a chisel and that will be that!
It was fun, took a 2’x4’ sheet and about 25 mins…


@fiero1 is our Winner!

What would you say your cutting time was?

Can we see a close up of the mortise?

Does the file need to be scaled up a bit more?

Looks good Ray, not as nice as that floor though!

25 minutes I have the XXL and used a 1/4" bit the whole thing so I could cut 1/2 the stool in 12 mins. And the other 1/2 bout 10 mins. No bit changes.
That’s a #201 bit with d.o.c at .125 and feed at 80 ipm.
I think the size is good for a child. It’s very sturdy but I did add a feature in that I extended the 2 tenon here

by .743 to contact the floor and help the outer feet support the weight.
Here’s the mortise close up
I was mistaken, I did an offset of .005 for a total of .01 which didn’t need to be that big but… lol
I love the floor, it was a pain to install but worth it​:+1::slight_smile:


I’ve been checking the mailbox for my Carbide Community Care Package?
Are you sure you got the zip code right?:slight_smile: Ray