Weird thing happening with CC

(Luc) #1

Today I tried to design simple parts using Carbon Create (Mac V3.16), I have not used it in recent weeks because I have VCarve but if my little project works, I may make the files available here.

In the process, a few weird things happened but it gave me some opportunity to do a bit of troubleshooting. First, I was trying a few designs and toolpaths; I made an hexagon and created a toolpath and I did not like it so I deleted the toolpath and moved the hexagon. A grey hexagon that I cannot select remains in my design. It does nothing but it is in the middle.

Second, I tried a few cuts and decided to make a few changes to the design by the size of some elements. After making the changes to the design, I resaved my toolpaths. When I went to cut, I saw the bit basically move to Z0 before proceeding to move to the first point to cut. I will spare you the details about my troubleshooting but I found that my job default had changed to a Shapeoko (instead of an XL) and the safe retract height had changed to 0. In the process of fixing this, I realized that the safe retract is in mm not inches like the rest of the settings. I wonder why as this can lead to serious errors like cutting through clamps and other things you wouldn’t expect.

Last, I was creating a 0.1in pocket after I surfaced a section to the proper thickness. I changed the size of the section I was surfacing, not the thickness, then reculated the toolpaths. When I milled the part, the pocket start height returned to the surface of the board. Is this by design where you need to re-enter the pocket start height?

Anyone else has had this type of issue?


(William Adams) #2

The retract height control in Carbide Create will change if it has focus and the scroll wheel is moved.


(Don) #3

I have had my retract height control reset to zero several times. I never select or change it, on purpose anyway. Are you suggesting I might be selecting the control and scrolling my mouse inadvertently?


(Luc) #4

I’m not sure I understand, what do you mean by focus? I clicked in the retract height box in CC and used the wheel and nothing happened.

I also don’t understand why I have an artifact that remains in my CC file; something I cannot select and do anything with.


(William Adams) #5

Please send in any files which you are having difficulty with in to us at


(Luc) #6

Unfortunately, I deleted the problematic file in the process of fixing the issue. I will make sure that I keep a copy if these types of problem reoccur.


(Robert Bevers) #7

The “artifact” effect happens to me all the time when I delete a toolpath. If you save the file, open another file, and then re-open the original file it will be gone. Kind of pain though.

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