Weird vibration at top of Z axis, especially during homing

I am starting to notice a harsh vibration with the spindle carriage or the z axis itself when the carriage is near the upper limit switch. It is only making this noise during the last 3/4" or so before the limit switch. It make this noise every time the machine homes now. It only vibrates when the carriage is fully raised, not when it is lower, and it does not affect the cutting operations at all.

Do I need to lube something? Is it a misalignment? I have no idea what to look for, so suggestions are welcome.

If requested I can capture a video and make it available.

Hi @FlatBaller, shoot us an email with a quick vid to support AT carbide3d so we can track it as a support ticket. It may be that at the upper end of Z travel the motor connector is wiggling loose and causing the vibration.