Weirdness selecting jog increment radio buttons

(Brian Ringley) #1


I just wanted to report that I have to click one or two pixels below the jog increment radio buttons to successfully make a selection. Refer to image below for cursor position relative to radio button. Anyone else able to reproduce?


Carbide Motion v3.0.368 Build Date 2017-10-20 OS Windows 10

(mikep) #2

Carbide doesn’t always pick this sort of thing up from here, be sure to send it to the support mailbox.

(William Adams) #3

I do try to find anything here and mention it to the team.

One concern here is that I believe CM3 is being end-of-lifed (which I’m sad about, since I very much like it, its low system requirements, and peppy performance, and elegant appearance) @brianringley have you tried CM4?

(Brian Ringley) #4

No, should I upgrade? Any downsides?

(William Adams) #5

CM4 is still in testing:

As noted, I prefer CM3’s appearance, performance, and lower system requirements. There are some other oddities due to the architecture — won’t support simultaneous keypushes, &c. — but I’ve been running it since getting my Probe and CM4 is quite nice, and feed rate override and the probe are very nice.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #6

Yeah CM4s featureset is nice but the UI is … slapdash? Once the feature set is complete would be nice to tidy it up