Welcome sign with raised letters

This came out pretty nice, took longer to cut because of Z axis issues but I got it completed in 4 hours.
It’s ~ 14" X 21" out of oak.
I was going to paint it but my wife said try staining it, I think it would look better if I paint the tops of the letters black?

What do you think guys?


Well, it is a sign. The purpose of a sign is to inform, so the information should be pronounced and visible.

(Just trying to give you some ammunition in your quest to succeed! :smiley: )

Not meaning to be critical, I like the sign, but to me the letters look recessed not raised as stated in the title.
Am I wrong in what I perceive?

I think I would paint the recessed part instead of the raised lettering.

Here’s a relatively low effort way to paint/stain the raised portion.
Pre-stain or paint the material before you CNC. You could ballpark the location of the “Welcome” and paint just that area black, then when you CNC only the black/welcome remains untouched.

This is a picture of light wood, stained dark and then CNC’d.


And you can do the opposite by painting the recessed part then using a sanding block on the raised lettering. The only drawback to that is the vcarved “walls” will be painted and you may lose some of the visual appeal. You can always do an resin infill also.

Good suggestions guys, I wanted to paint the recess green with the letter tops black.
Guess I have to make another :wink:
Here are some angled pictures showing the text better.
Thanks for helping,


You made a nice sign. Several comments made may make it better. Paint is a lot easier than epoxy. After painting you can seal it all up with varnish.

Your carving and finishing look good.

Ahhh Yes! I see it much better now. Thanks!
Very Nice Sign!

Also, making a sign is very much the same as any other engineering project. The details get thought out before bit goes to wood.

I only say this, because its evident that you are now doing this for your second version and from now on. +1