Greetings everyone. I’m a newbie and am just getting my machine unboxed. Had it since October and been waiting to get my workshop finished. Can’t wait to get started. This is my first time with cnc so any start up advice is appreciated.


Big things:

  • sturdy/flat table for assembly/usage of machine
  • secondary surfaces for computer, collets, wrenches, clamps, prepping stock and post-processing cut parts &c.
  • always check the 3D preview — if it isn’t showing what you want to cut, don’t cut it — figure out how to make it look as desired, or ask here or at support@carbide3d.com
  • think ahead — where will the machine move next? What tool needs to be loaded next? &c.

Welcome sir. I just got my Pro XL this last spring and I love it. I am sure you will be happy with your new system as well. I spent a lot of time in the forums trying to “sponge” as much info as possible before I got my system. This forum really helped me to decide which system to go with. You will not be left alone in your learning of CNC.

I have a pretty good background with woodworking and consider myself well versed in computers, etc. That being said, there was a pretty steep learning curve for me. I had to absorb a lot about vector graphics. My experience was with raster formats. Vector format was a new animal to tame. The experts here have been a great help.

It can be challenging and frustrating at times. As I look back, workflow operation, etc. that really had me standing on my head is somewhat routine for me now. I learn something new every day using my system. This community is amazing for its helpfulness and vast amount of experience and expertise.

Look through and search the threads and you will be amazed at how much info there is. Also, don’t be shy about asking questions. I am sure that most folks here will agree that we were all overwhelmed at some point.

Honestly, when I was shopping around for a platform, the 5 star support from C3D and the dedicated user group was the deciding factor for me. I felt comfortable that I would have plenty of resources as I learned about my CNC.

So after my rambling reply, a little advice:
Be patient. There is a lot to learn
There are no stupid questions (We were all new to this at some point.)
Have fun! There is so much to learn and so many new things to create.

Best of luck, sir and welcome!


Good to know. Thank you will.

FYI, this was initially a private message — since you addressed “everyone”, I took the liberty of making it public — that may affect your getting/not getting the notifications.

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