What 1/2 collets routers work best for a Shapeoko Pro

I am looking to upgrade my carbide compact router. What are people using? I am looking to be able to run 1/2 bits.

Thanks in advance!

Using larger routers is a bit awkward — you’ll need a custom mount and the larger diameter increases lever effects — most folks get a spindle instead.

The largest you can go with the C3D router is 3/8". Personally I don’t see the need for anything over 3/8" on the SOPro… and even then only for accessories. More than 1/4" and you have to reduce depth of cut or stepover enough that it negates any advantage. In the HDM I only break out the 1/2" for facing…0.020" or so. 3/8" is awesome on it too.

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Thanks for the input. May I ask what router you use?

The standard C3D routers I use on the machines at home, use Makita style collets. I have a C3D ER11 on the SOPro at work. :slight_smile:

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I spent a while looking for one of the 1/2" collet routers for my SO3, in the end I chose a 2.2kW water cooled VFD spindle with an ER20 collet which can run 1/2" / 12mm tools. The combination of a much more low speed torque, the ability to run much lower speeds for drilling or edge finding and the big collet to run edge finders etc. is really useful. Having collets for all the sizes instead of just a couple is also really useful.

I don’t generally run any cutters with more than 8mm shank, there’s a couple of 10mm but these are for specific purposes.

I don’t think I’ve ever exceeded the power available from a small router on my machine, I have definitely exceeded the low speed torque though.



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