What a terrible, wonderful experience ordering anything from Carbide 3d....!

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a note to say that there was a bunch of issues with my order - shipping to the UK, sloppy company I ordered from in the UK, damage in transit, freezing weather in Scotland making assembly a nightmare and yet I’m nothing but impressed with Carbide as a company.

They always say you can never measure a company by judging it when things go well, but rather when they go badly - so I just wanted to drop a note to say how impressed I was with Carbide 3d handling all the many things that went wrong.

Indeed even the attentiveness to spot things that ‘might’ go wrong - eg ordering a VFD separately and they reached out to forewarn me about the need for a step down transformer (given the US is still on wussy electricity… :wink: )

Assembly took little over 3 hours - which included a temporary 3d print to fix some broken end limits, so a very relaxed build all in all!

Really impressed and just wanted to let you know it’s appreciated - you’ve got a big fan already in me.

Oh and I did my first test cut of a 200mm x 200mm square and calipers read @ 0.001mm off, so you clearly need to improve on that… :rofl: :rofl:

Love the work … oh and I love Kevin too, he made me smile with his YouTube videos throughout the build!

And I can confirm the CNC can take my weight without deflection - it was the only way my little arms were going to reach across this beast!!


Thanks for the post, Katie. We appreciate it.

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A pleasure - loving it so far, and I’m about to build the weirdest CNC enclosure for it that the world has ever seen… :slight_smile:


My wife has placed in my head the notion of moving to Scotland one of these years. And me being me, the Highlands call to me. So I’m happy to see that it can be done there, albeit maybe having to deal with some 2nd parties.

I will note that one could use a 220V (European) spindle:

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Well I’m Welsh, but it’s all much of the same to us Celts - you’re more than welcome!


Would this have had all the nice C3d integrations/control also?

(I’ve got a wee Makita as a backup router - might make a ‘in case of emergency’ glass box for it by the CNC… :slight_smile: )

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I dunno why I saw Scotland. My apologies. My brain is in a bit of a fog this morning. :slight_smile:

No, you’re totally right - I was born in Wales, but I live in Scotland now! It’s all the same, just no one can speak Welsh, which makes it a bit of a secret language for me! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I believe the “PV” model could be so integrated — that possibility was discussed in that thread and there was a specific mention made of the electronics necessary — but I haven’t looked into that, since it wasn’t sold in the U.S. (and neither is the model I bought anymore).

Great fall-back option for the Makita!


I will note that I do use my Mafell w/ a BitRunner, so I at least get auto on/off — I just have to manually set the speed dial.

Where abouts?

We travel to Scotland when we have the chance. Kilmartin is our most recent “discovery” .

I want to see this enclosure now - did you post a photo of the finished thing @Katie

Hey John,

I’m finishing a custom walnut PC case first and then the enclosure (I couldn’t wait!!).

I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel once done:

Hopefully a few weeks and it’ll be done!

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Thanks for the reply. I sub’d to your channel and will look out for it.

A shout out from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I’ve been waiting for my machine for 2 months and today it was finally delivered… Sure hope UPS went easy on it… lol So now for the fun part of building it.

Heres our video of the table we built for it. Im excited to get at it but kind of nervous as well. I keep telling my self to go slow on the build n double check each step. I ordered the VFD spindle as well. So ill be installing it as well.

Really glad to hear everything worked out for you.

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I have read it is a bad idea to put the CNC table on casters. I don’t know - just have seen that comment several times.

I bought the casters that retract and let the table sit the leg levelers.


Yes, I’ve got mine with retractable casters to give the best of both worlds - ie lower them when you need to move it, but retract them when you want stability!

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Sorry - meant that for Pearldude58 who posted a video in your thread.