What acceleration and velocity for xxl?

I was wondering what acceleration and velocity others are getting on their XXL.
I just got mine running today, and its mostly at defaults, and thought if someone could tell me what they have set up (as aggressive as i can :), it would save me a lot of trial time.
I’m mostly doing wood. No metal, I have metal machines for that.
I want to do wood fast, but 54 IPM max seems slow to me for a wood cnc router, but I’ve never had one.

The machine will run at 100ipm, but your actual cutting speeds/feeds are going to depend on material, cutter, spindle RPMs, etc…


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Thanks. I was just looking at that chart and saw the speeds were up to 100 IPM.
I’m excited! I’ve got tons of pine boards and Artcam. I made a lot of pictures from aluminum, but it’s slow with 1/16" ball mills.
I’ll try to upload a coin of a friend of mine on aluminum, and some Two hole pins I made for a Pipefitter.

The skull is a free grayscale image from the web.


I see now. It doesn’t jog as fast as it can on JOG FAST. I just did some G0 moves and it was 200+ ipm! No lost steps and I pushed against the axis pretty hard when they moved too.
I’ll be dreaming of the gifts I can make with this all night :+1: