What am I doing wrong that makes CC crash and burn?

Every time that I pull up this file, it loads and when I try to “Show Simulation”, CC crashes. Is this the problem of the computer? The program? The file?

Every other file loads and shows the simulation. This file says, “Uh-uh! No way! Ain’t gonna do it!”

202 Maureen.c2d (1.3 MB)

Crashes my machine too, and I couldn’t see anything wrong in the toolpaths. Trying to bring this to the attention of other folks on the team.

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Thanks @WillAdams for taking up the reins on that. So…it wasn’t just me. Glad to hear that but sad that I can’t finish the project. I finally have my bamboo for the project and it is calling my name.

Opens OK on my Mac (OS 10.10.5), older version of CC though.

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@patonclover were you able to “Show Simulation”? The file loads fine, but crashes when it tries to simulate in Windows 10.

I fiddled with it a bit deleting and re-creating the toolpaths with slightly different selections, and was able to get it to preview:

202 Maureen_revised.c2d (1.1 MB)

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Opens good on my Mac (OS 10.13.3), all.

What was I doing wrong @WillAdams?

Not sure. Hopefully a developer will look into your file and puzzle out why CC can’t cope with it.

I noticed that the mushrooms lost their detail and that the mounting holes were deleted. Is that what the problem was?


The file loads fine, but crashes when it tries to simulate in Windows 10.

Loads OK on the Mac but doesn’t exactly crash, just doesn’t simulate.

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No, I misinterpreted what the mounting holes were for, and deleted part of the mushrooms to make selection easier — please experiment with toolpaths and see if you can puzzle out what specific arrangement of toolpaths causes the crash.

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@WillAdams it’s the mushroom detail. I added the screw holes back,saved, and simulated. No issues. I added the mushroom caps, saved and tried to simulate. Crash ‘n’ burn. I guess we found the problem. My question now is “Why?”