What are the units / formulas used for feed and speed calculations in metric?

Looked a bit, but not really finding much.

Asking 'cause I’d like to use the expected units, and I’m tired of doing the calculations in Imperial and then converting.

This page: Machining Feeds and Speeds Calculator list one:

SFM (surface feet per minute) is instead m/min (meters per minute)

I’d like to know the metric for chip load per tooth in particular, but any information on conventions would be welcome

Just use meters instead of imperial for everything.

“Chip load is the depth of cut for each tooth on a milling cutter”
so, meters instead of fractions of an inch (and a much smaller number!) .

@WillAdams Does this help?

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Yes, that does help. Doesn’t cover everything, but does have some information / formulas / calculations I hadn’t seen before.