What are your thoughts on placing a CNC machine on a table with casters?

It is not bad. You do have to be able to get onto the floor and have access to them. They dials rotate fairly easy, it only takes about 5-10 minutes for all 4 to move. I made a fairly heavy table, and I can adjust with two fingers. I believe they make one with a ratchet lever attached.

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I’m waiting to see someone adapt an appliance air-lift system into their CNC worktable…That would be so smooth!

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theoretically the machine could stand vertically and still work fine. not that I would do that. all the same, i also built a heavy duty table with 4x4 post corners and 2x4 stringers, capped with 3/4" ply. I also put retractable casters on it. I generally only retract the front 2 when operating. the rear wheels are hart to get to and the difference in height is about 5-7 mm.

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I stuck mine on a couple DEWALT shelves with some brackets to hold the shelves together. Those little casters are rated at 300lbs each so they will hold nearly anything.
Now I can move the whole assembly back and forth to create long stuff… I just need to learn this CNC stuff now.


I like the fridge but all that superstructure would prevent me from reaching in the sides. I am too short to get everything from the front.

I used these the wheels at the front retract when you flip the lever up https://a.co/d/628aOvJ

Mine works just fine, as long as the router is flat/parallel to the table and the table is fairly level you’ll be fine. No Garge floor is ever level, but they are close enough. I can adjust the top form the cnc sits on, if needed.


I bought a 64x64" Kreg table with locking casters. It has worked fine. Biggest project so far was cutting a client logo on a 20’ long, 32"wide and 4" thick slab.
The table held it just fine with the locking casters.

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My shapoko 3 and pro 5 has lived on a table with 4 large locking casters for years. I only lock the front two and put up with the slight shake. The table is large enough to have my computer, control box and all my bits, wrenches and miscellaneous tools on it. I have never had a problem with accuracy. The machine is an island that does not move.

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I have had absolutely no problems with my machine being on a table with castors. No table movement or inaccuracies have occurred. Plus I have the added advantage of easily moving it if I need to.

Here is a link to a short YouTube video outlining how I build mine:


These work great and lock from rolling and also from swiveling and come in larger sizes if you like rated for like 800 lbs

I use these with my HDM. I just lock the front two. No issues. In fact, I believe I got more movement from my build so I added cross braces and felt a noticeable difference.

Don’t worry about the table moving so much, think of it as free pent energy dissipation. as long as it isn’t too excessive it’s can actually be a good thing.

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Mine is on dual locking casters. locking 2 casters is good enough for me. I build a torsion box, so uneven floor do not affect leveling. between the base and the top I have leveling feet to make sure it do not move. Never have a problem with that setup.