What bit do i need for deep cutting?

Im trying to cut out a hollow cylinder about 3 inches deep, what bit would i need to make this possible?

3 inches sounds very deep - what is the hollow cylinder’s diameter?

The standard Carbide3D endmills have overall lengths of only 1.5", and the smaller diameter endmills have even shorter flute/reach lengths. Either way, your collet is definitely going to collide with your workpiece while machining the sidewalls of the cylinder.

Also, 3 inches in the Z-axis is pretty much the maximum depth the Nomad can handle, and taking into account stock thickness and height offsets from any clamps, you might not be able to even insert the endmill into the collet to start milling.

Could you describe what you’re trying to make, and why the cylinder needs to be 3 inches deep?

Would it be possible to, say, build your part up from several 0.25" to 0.5" layers by milling them separately?

What im basically trying to create is a sleeve for a tube, its actually a tiny bit over 2in, with a 23mm diameter, its not something that can be milled separately.

The longest end mill I’ve found suitable for a Shapeoko is http://www.garrtool.com/tooldetaillogin.jsp?edp=41030 listed here http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Endmills#Specific_Bit_and_Brand_Recommendations

Only 3" O.A.L. and 1" of cutting area — if some rubbing on the finish pass is okay it should let you get ~2" — cut from the opposite side possible? finish the cut w/ hand tools or a drill press?

Can you flip the cylinder over?

Here is a 2.5 inch long aluminum piece of bar stock that I milled on the Shapeopo. I used Fusion 360’s bore function to mill 1.3" deep, then flipped the bar stock and milled the second side. A good setup (V-Jaw) made this a simple function. FYU: I used a standard 1/4 end mill

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@Sway I came across THIS. I don’t know if it would help, but it has a 4" overall length.

Unless you are cutting a hole in the table to place the stock lower, the machine only has 80mm of travel and about 4" of Z height. Do the math, that cutter won’t fit.

Okay, so it’s basically a short segment of thin-walled pipe.

What is the inner and outer diameter required? Depending on wall thickness, there may be ready-made sleeves you can buy elsewhere.

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