What Bit to use for logo

I am trying to figure out how to engrave the lion on this logo. What bit to use for the lion? I am attaching the svg and png logo. Appreciate any feedback.

exp logo 60, 30, .25 degree.c2d (356 KB)

I would recommend re-setting the text, or getting the vector original.

Hi, can you explain the “re-setting”? Also I had to convert the logo into svg, I don’t have the original vector. Thanks for the reply

If you did a bitmap trace to get this into a vector format, I would think the components of the lion’s head would b separated. This might look really cool as a Vcarve (and if you’re really feeling ambitious, a vcarve inlay) . I would try and match up the font around the lion’s head. You should be able to do that in CC pretty easily.

Another cool thing I have not tried is using the two-tone HDPE for signs. This stuff is available on Amazon (sold out on the Carbide3D site) in a lot of different colors. I just ordered some to try doing my company logo on. You would just use a flat end mill for that. And if you are using CCPro, clear it with the 1/4" and REST machine the remainder with a small bit to get finer detail.

Try some stuff. Send some pics!

The text is not crisp/clean, due to having been traced from a low-resolution pixel image:

If you re-set the text:

It will look better.

exp logo 60, 30, .25 degree_v7.c2d (408 KB)

Oh, ok. I will fix that. Thanks

Hey David thanks I will try that. Appreciate it

You can use the open source free Inkscape to convert bit map images into SVG images.

Download and open Inkscape. Open the bit map image.
Make sure the image is highlighted.
Go to the Path menu and Trace Bitmap
A control box will appear on the right side of the screen. Adjust levels and thresholds until the image in the preview looks good.

Then go to the File menu and Save As
Pick the “Plain SVG” and give the file a name and save.

The default is Inkscape SVG. The Inkscape SVG is native 72 DPI and the Plain SVG is native 96 DPI. CC uses 96 DPI as a default. So if you save as an Inkscape SVG and import into CC the image will be smaller. That is ok because it is an SVG and you can enlarge but just save as a Plain SVG at 96 DPI to start with.

Inkscape has a lot of nice features and is free and open source. There are a ton of instructional videos on youtube on how to use the full power of Inkscape.

That’s exactly how I changed to svg, I just haven’t used Inkscape a lot. Thanks for the info

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