What can you all recommend?

I have reached the point where I need to clean my machine. My question is, what type of grease should I use on the drive screws and other moving parts?

I tried searching the forum, but as usual, the search gives 1,000,000 hits on threads that have nothing to do with lubrication.

Thanks for the continuing help guys!

There’s a brief page on the Nomad 883 on the Shapeoko wiki: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Nomad_883 — it links to: Can I use Supercut to lubricate the z axis thread? under maintenance

The Shapeoko wiki operating checklist page also has a section on maintenance which mentions:

and has a link to an SO2 maintenance video:

Thank you for the information!

There’s a knowledgebase article on this:


@WillAdams Both your links are currently broken, I’d still like to find recommendations for a Nomad lubricant


The Nomad page was taken down. @neilferreri posted the updated link for the oil.

@neilferreri @WillAdams Thanks. I’m a bit surprised, the recommended appears to be more in the oil range versus the grease the Nomad shipped with.

It’s the oil form of the grease which was used — it’s thin enough to get into the works, and once in there, is compatible w/ the grease.

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Silly question, but I’ll ask anyway…is there any type of written instructions on how to clean, service and maintain the Nomad…other than how to apply grease?

Grease/oil is pretty much it, aside from keeping things clean.

It does seem incredibly simple (I and several others have asked the same question), but beyond the lubrication from what turns up on the forum it amounts to:

(1) keep the compressed air to a minimum - blowing chips/dust around makes it harder to keep the moving parts clean, not easier

(2) just keep an eye/ear on things - check the spindle runout from time to time, make sure the drive belt hasn’t loosened, everything seems tight.

(3) don’t forget to clean under the Nomad base from time to time get the chips that fall through the slots. It does build up in there.