What could cause this?

So… Everything else after this seems fine. For dinner reason my pocket is a bit weird… Part way down in the it’s like it just decided to go crazy. I am referring to the very inner pick pocket;)

Edit: So I let it finish. For some reason everything shifted down on the y axis. I was able to salvage part of the cut. It’s just a box now with no lid…

The usual cause of cutting too deep is lost steps on retract — this can be caused by mechanical interference, a lack of lubrication on the linear rails/ball-screw, high tooling engagement due to slotting, insufficiently taut Z-axis belt for belt-drive units, electrical issues due to a loose or bad connector or wire, or software/configuration/setup issues.

I am on a shapeoko 5 so I can rule the belts out :). I will check the rest.

Check all your bolts. It looks like you missed a step.

Gotta say I’m a bit concerned because I’ve seen a few people with s5 having issues with their cuts. I’m hoping to try mine out this week or weekend. Is there anything specific to double check? The ball screws on mine seem to be loose for the y axis, is that a normal condition? The bolts seemed tight on each end.

The folks whose machines go together w/o incident don’t much mention that (mine was one).

Big thing is to check all the hardware/bolts as one does the assembly — if anything isn’t properly tightened, or is loose and seems as if it should be tight, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get it sorted out.

Ok Will, I’ll double check tonight when I get home from work. I have been checking all the bolts on the pre assemblies as well as the parts I have put together as I go along.

Could anyone with an s5 pro see if their ballscrews on the sides of their machines have any play in them? I believe mine moved quite a bit.

There should be no play, only the potential of rotation which translates into linear motion.

Check your couplers, and the bolts on the DAC which connects the ball-screw to the gantry end plates.

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Thank you Will. I will check when I get home tonight

I will run back through everything tonight and make sure it’s all tightened and check the connections again

Okay… I checked all the screws and bolts and everything is snug. I checked the wires and everything is plugged in. Got super excited fired it up and sure enough it skipped on the y axis again part way though the cut :frowning: Guess I will have to contact support for this one.

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