What did you cut on your Shapeoko/ Nomad today?

I just completed the tabletop for the dressing table that will go with the island unit

which is by far the largest piece I ever built using my Shapeoko (60" wide, from 4 pieces glued together)

This was also the opportunity to discover (duh…) that manually using a roundover bit in a trim router is about 7000x faster and more convenient than doing it on the Shapeoko :slight_smile:


When you have a hammer, every problem is a nail…


More cooked flesh (Charcuterie) board madness plus a bonus. Now including a can of “custom” formulated food-safe Board Butter. In custom engraved can, sure to gain collector value (haha).


Griff’s Goo?..



Did a bottom of can engrave today, smallest letters 0.08”.


Used the Mc Etcher to engrave a Ti test piece. Works well!


Is that a bit of Art Deco in the inlay?

Yes, I got a bunch of Art Deco SVGs from Etsy, and my wife picked that one.

What was your work holding strategy here?

Looks great. Vectric has a text kerning feature that would have helped with some of those letter combinations. But that still looks really great! +1

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An alternative is to set the text in a tool which supports kerning pairs, convert it to paths, preserving the spacing, then import into Carbide Create.

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Just a quick fixture cut .012 oversize. Just have to be careful the can is seated evenly.


Googled that, found out that’s what I did to spread the tiny letters out on the curve, nice to know the technical term! That’s the first of my goal of learning at least 10 new things per day. Or maybe relearning stuff I forgot haha, whatever.

Etched letters on cans is a whole new thing for me. These are my first attempts. I was surprised how well the 120 degree McEtcher rendered the tiny letters. Now will have to try tinier. Also, I’m sure there are better fonts for this sort of thing, this one just caught my eye for an earlier project and stuck with it.

Please advise any favorites you might recommend.

I learn a lot from this thread, thanks for the tip!

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Made a couple coin banks for the kids today.
I had changed the text last minute and forgot to re-enter it. Might fix it another day, well see.


Reminded me of a project I started a couple years ago.


Padding because the gods say so :sunglasses:

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(And more characters)

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Looks interesting. What is it? What is your work holding strategy for small parts?

To me it l looks like a metal casting of a tooth.

Yea it is the Bond Villain Jaws tooth.