What Do The Various Line Colors Mean


I am slowly getting familiar with Carbide Create. There are various line colors used as the image is used for various toolpaths.

The ones I have seen are:

  1. black
  2. pink
  3. red
  4. brown
  5. orange
  6. blue
  7. dashed orange

What do they all mean?

Thanks. Greg Reynolds

Black indicates a closed path.
Pink (magenta) indicates an open/unclosed path
Orange indicates the current selection
Orange (dashed) indicates the key object of the current selection.

The other colors are probably stacked overlapping geometry in various states of selection — send us a file and a screen grab and we’ll do our best to work through this with you

I wrote up a basic bit about Carbide Create at:


which may help.

Let me start with the disclaimer that color vision is not my strong point!

black: closed path object
pink: open path object
red: rapids in simulation?
brown: ?
orange: selected object
blue: tool path (EDIT: green in simulation)
dashed orange: second selected object (significant in some boolean operations)

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