What do you want from Carbide Create in 2020

It’s that time of year again, the start of our big CM code/feature push. First:

  • We just changed the Create Pro trial licenses to 30 days in preparation for a real launch
  • In the next few days, we should be able to share a CC beta with a new configurable post processor to allow easier use with any machine, support for inch and mm gcode, and some other motion quirks fixed now that we can use a separate post for machine don’t have homing switches (old Shapeoko machines).

So, what else are you looking for from CM this year?


Have you kept a list of all the request already made? Have you already gone through the list we provided last year in you latest version(s)? Maybe a vote from members on which ones they would like to see.

FYI: @wmoy just gave the latest build 453 a thumbs up to go to Beta. Here it is:


Keep your hand very close to the estop here just in case the new post processor goes haywire.

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Mr. Shakyhands here…I would LOVE to have a “nudge” feature. Microsoft had a feature where you could hold down the [Ctrl] key and use the cursor keys to move in coarse movements or [Ctrl]+[Shift] and move by single pixels. Since CM allows for fine steps when setting home values, I would think that this could also easily extend to CC. (NON-programmer here)


ability to curve text, i becomes a pain sometime to curve text in other programs then have to import and not have everything line up correctly. would be nice to just use 1 program for everything.


I would like the same shape selection/move design as in VCarve:

  • one click selects a shape, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to move it inadvertently if only single-selected.
  • a second click on a selected shape is required to make the move/resize function active to be able to move the shape.

I would also like CC to use climb milling by default, and let the user select climb or conventional in the toolpath parameters.

I also find myself using the dynamic toolpath simulation very often in F360 to double-check my toolpaths, I wonder if having a selection cursor in the simulation window where one could see any intermediate step between 0 and 100% of toolpath(s) completion would be doable.


Let’s try again since the info we already provided does not seem to have been retained. I agree with @Julien regarding the shapes available in VCarve,

I would like to see the ability to have more than one file open in separate windows at the same time, the use of the clipboard for cut and paste between files.

New toolpaths for adaptive clearing, engraving, VCarve with a set depth.

Many more things but I will stop here for now but again, I would invite the Carbide team to look at the previous request for features to identify which ones still need to be addressed.


While I am usually quite vocal on these posts, I need to remain silent for this year for a good reason.
((The Chippendale desk’s level of quality and material (yuck wood) meant that I needed to remove any change that was occurring the build, so while I did try Ver 4.(something), I found the changes too much of a distraction and decided to remain on V3.13 until the project was completed. So I need to get up to speed on V4 (and I’m hoping that @wmoy Carbide Create tutorials make it less painful). SYNY ))



There were 10-20 features mentioned in the last request thread (by myself and others) that weren’t actioned, that are a barrier between me actually paying money for CC pro, or using the free/basic version as my go to.

I’ll try some projects on the latest version and make some comments. I also just bought an old version of Artcam, so can now compare CC to Aspire, F360 and Artcam, arguably some of the best software out there

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The ability to wrap and manipulate text on objects and lines/curves to cut out the sometimes very frustrating Inkscape workaround.

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I could suggest some toolpath generation improvements but that’d be too obvious :wink:

In the “let us help you” bucket, if would be interesting to have a “batch mode” where CC reads the C2D file, recomputes the toolpaths, exports the gcode and then exits.
With that, it’s then possible to run that over all my c2d files and run a gcode checker/etc after installing a beta but before having to hit the e-stop in a hurry


Oh, I almost forgot: support for double-sided projects, and flat-depth in Vcarve toolpaths, would be grand!
(hint hint: inlays are cool)


I’m new to operating the Shapeoko, and maybe I am overlooking a simple fix that already exists…but I would like to see a modification to the order of axis movement when starting a program. When I start a program in CM, the x,y,z axis move to the home position simultaneously. However, for safety of avoiding clamps, the z should move down last.
The end of the program is correct as the z axis moves up prior to the final x,y movement.

Hands on training…this is very new to me and have much to learn.
Books when available are good but hands on for me is much better.

We have a series of tutorials at:

If there’s something specific you’re trying to accomplish which those and the balance of the on-line documentation don’t address, let us know. Please note that we have a standing offer — if you get stuck on a file or project send it in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work through it with you.

We added that sometime last year. You can use the cursor to nudge by the grid dimensions and then use Shift-nudge to move by 1/10 of the grid dimension (If I remember correctly)

Also added this a while ago.

This is actully part of the post processor changes made in the latest beta release. We couldn’t change this behavior in the way we wanted to without having separate posts for machines without homing switches.


I would like to have the following daily annoyances fixed:

  • Remember the Toolpath Zero setting the same way it remembers the other stock settings
  • Not turn all millimetre numbers red when you simply click between mm and inches and mm.
  • Allow ‘Cancel’ from the Create Tool Path panel
  • Add a “drag debounce” so that items don’t move with the tiny mouse movements that occur when you are clicking the mouse button to select something.

New feature wise:

  • Make a finishing pass a standard option for each toolpath
  • Support layers, with toggles for locked and visible, in the design and toolpath selection

CC Pro is of limited use personally until supports STL files (maybe it does now?)

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I don’t think CC Pro will support STLs — that would compete with MeshCAM — check with @robgrz though?

Am I missing something or… a simple measure tool allowing the user to measure edge to edge, point, tangent point of a curve perhaps, and anything I can’t think of.

Also perhaps an unused/draft check box for lines or the such used as reference geometry, in turn making them a different color, dotted, or dashed for clarity? I know we can select whichever entities in cam, but a visual aid would be nice too perhaps?


gridline measurement marks on drawing edges, every 5 or more spaces? speaking of which, maybe a grid adjustment somewhere closer than “document background”…

make the mouse hover over a line / object a little more obvious, maybe even change color instead of just thickening the line slightly.

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