What do you want from Carbide Create in 2020

I could suggest some toolpath generation improvements but that’d be too obvious :wink:

In the “let us help you” bucket, if would be interesting to have a “batch mode” where CC reads the C2D file, recomputes the toolpaths, exports the gcode and then exits.
With that, it’s then possible to run that over all my c2d files and run a gcode checker/etc after installing a beta but before having to hit the e-stop in a hurry


Oh, I almost forgot: support for double-sided projects, and flat-depth in Vcarve toolpaths, would be grand!
(hint hint: inlays are cool)


I’m new to operating the Shapeoko, and maybe I am overlooking a simple fix that already exists…but I would like to see a modification to the order of axis movement when starting a program. When I start a program in CM, the x,y,z axis move to the home position simultaneously. However, for safety of avoiding clamps, the z should move down last.
The end of the program is correct as the z axis moves up prior to the final x,y movement.

Hands on training…this is very new to me and have much to learn.
Books when available are good but hands on for me is much better.

We have a series of tutorials at:

If there’s something specific you’re trying to accomplish which those and the balance of the on-line documentation don’t address, let us know. Please note that we have a standing offer — if you get stuck on a file or project send it in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work through it with you.

We added that sometime last year. You can use the cursor to nudge by the grid dimensions and then use Shift-nudge to move by 1/10 of the grid dimension (If I remember correctly)

Also added this a while ago.

This is actully part of the post processor changes made in the latest beta release. We couldn’t change this behavior in the way we wanted to without having separate posts for machines without homing switches.


I would like to have the following daily annoyances fixed:

  • Remember the Toolpath Zero setting the same way it remembers the other stock settings
  • Not turn all millimetre numbers red when you simply click between mm and inches and mm.
  • Allow ‘Cancel’ from the Create Tool Path panel
  • Add a “drag debounce” so that items don’t move with the tiny mouse movements that occur when you are clicking the mouse button to select something.

New feature wise:

  • Make a finishing pass a standard option for each toolpath
  • Support layers, with toggles for locked and visible, in the design and toolpath selection

CC Pro is of limited use personally until supports STL files (maybe it does now?)

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I don’t think CC Pro will support STLs — that would compete with MeshCAM — check with @robgrz though?

Am I missing something or… a simple measure tool allowing the user to measure edge to edge, point, tangent point of a curve perhaps, and anything I can’t think of.

Also perhaps an unused/draft check box for lines or the such used as reference geometry, in turn making them a different color, dotted, or dashed for clarity? I know we can select whichever entities in cam, but a visual aid would be nice too perhaps?


gridline measurement marks on drawing edges, every 5 or more spaces? speaking of which, maybe a grid adjustment somewhere closer than “document background”…

make the mouse hover over a line / object a little more obvious, maybe even change color instead of just thickening the line slightly.

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  1. A “ruler” and guides. (Adobe inspired)
  2. Scroll via mouse, zoom via shift mouse (Adobe Inspired) working on an MBP, it’s way too easy to accidentally zoom out, and depending on cursor location, zoom into the wrong spot.
  3. Option to preview g-code by text editor on export. (Fusion 360 inspired)
  4. Stable export to Carbide Motion. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t


  1. Options to enter dimensions in Metric or imperial (Fusion 360 inspired)
  2. Import/ Export tool library options within CC
  3. Guides and explanation on mouseover (off/ on options)
  4. Share button with links to Cutrocket :grinning:, FTP, email, etc…
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I forgot to mention a cheap-to-implement-but-useful-at-least-for-me new feature. The ability to specify the path for the tool library.

I want to put my tool library in a folder on my OneDrive so that the tool settings I use in my office automatically sync with the computer I use in the shop (in the same way my project files do).


I would really like to see a rest machining capability. If I’m machining a large pocket, I want to be able to use a large surfacing/facing end mill and then do the same operation with a smaller end mill to clean up corners and other tight spaces without the smaller end mill having to machine a lot of air by going over the entire pocket again.

The tool library doesn’t seem to allow me to enter a number of flutes or flute length when creating new tools. It also rounds my diameter down when I added my 1/32 inch end mill. It won’t allow enough digits to enter .03125 and when I enter .0312, it rounds it to .031.
It would be great to be able to import tool libraries from other programs.

Also, allow us to export design as an .iges file.


I imagine this has already been asked for, but there are a lot of replies in this thread and I may have missed it.

I would like to see functionality added to V-carve toolpaths similar to what is done in the Vectric applications. This would mean you could select an area wider than your V cutter and also set a maximum depth. You would have the ability to choose a second tool to cut the flat depth if you wished.

I think this would alleviate a lot of problems people have when learning V-carving and would avoid the need to create offset paths just to make V-carving work the way you would expect.


Coming in the next few days (pending successful testing)

If it works well then rest pocketing shares a lot of code so that should be an easy addition as well.

CC Simulation proof that it does exist:


this is awesome. Really looking forward to it

I think the new tool library is a bit more complicated than it should be.
You only have one tool of specific type, dimensions, etc…

So I think you should reverse the way it’s done now and start with the tool as the main tree items instead of the material.

Then under that tool you can add the specific materials and the feeds and speeds you want for that material.

Why have to add the tool size, type, etc… to every material, instead, add the material and the settings you want to each tool. It would save a lot of adding the same tool.

For tool Information I would like to see the
Description Field Added - I thought the older version did have this.
Product Link Field Added - I thought the older version did have this.

I don’t know how much of the Geometry Carbide Create uses but it did have in past version much more information like flute length, shaft diameter, overall length. Some of that may just be for information but I would like the ability to put it in. Require fields should probably be indicated.

On the Feeds and Speeds I’m not sure why there is a 2D and 3D section. Does Carbide Create only use the 2D feed and speed settings unless you have and use the 3D modelling in Carbide Create?

The 2D cutting doesn’t use Stepover and Finish Allowance?

Very Confused on the V-Carve depth of cut. You used to be able to specify (older versions) but now it seems that the depth of cut comes from what is set in the tool Library. And since you can’t alter the default pre-installed tools you will have to copy that tool and change the depth of cut to change how deep it goes.

Is that correct?
I really can’t tell in the simulation.

Materials - Should be able to add your own materials or have like 5 custom ones you can rename. Goes along with the Tool Library, 1 specific tool, many materials, feeds and speeds and cutting depth, etc…

It would also be nice if we could specify the folder to be installed in for beta or even different versions of the software. Maybe ask if it sees a version is already installed.

Also if the Icon it makes on the desktop has the build number like Build 454 so it’s easy to see if you have the latest version or which version you want to run.

Make the Name and version information in the bottom left of the window more readable, The light grey is hard for me to read. Remember, there are old people using this too.

Also, a column line down the window since you can’t drag anything under the Design / Toolpath column anyway or a different shade of background Color. Some new people might wonder why their design is not fully showing up because part of it is behind that column.

That’s all I can think of now.




Ok- You can try out 457 with the “Advanced VCarve” at:


The name of the toolpath and the UI are likely to change but it’s been stable in our testing today.


Something else that definitely needs a fix:
It seems impossible to machine multiple depths with separate operations. For example: If I create a pocket that’s 1/8” deep and then I try to V carve or make another pocket from my new depth (stock top - 1/8”), there is no good way to do it. I can do another 1/8” pocket by making the max depth 1/4” (first pocket depth plus new pocket depth) but then my machining time is doubled because I’m machining 1/8” of air first.

An easy fix would be to allow a negative number in starting depth so I can make the starting depth -.125 and then pocket down another .125 from there.

A proper fix would be to make the software recognize that all subsequent operations after a pocket op, that use components located inside the bounds of the previous pocket op, are now at a new starting depth instead of stock top.

You should try the new VCarve in 457

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