What do you want to see on our YouTube channel?

We’re a little worried that @wmoy might be a little bored so we’re starting this thread to get some suggestions going.

What do you want to see on our YouTube channel in 2020?


This will sound a little strange, but… longer videos. I understand how in this day and age when the average (younger) person’s attention span is about 15 seconds on Youtube, one needs to keep videos short and to the point, but I for one would appreciate a few in-depth walkthroughs on semi-complex projects, where I don’t have to pause and rewind all the time because my brain is still processing what was said 5 seconds ealier and I miss the next point/trick. Flashing a Fusion360 toolpath for 10 seconds leaves me wanting for more :slight_smile:

But “more of the same” would already be excellent, I can’t get enough of @wmoy’s videos.


I always love the “how to build XYZ” videos where I learn new techniques or new ways of doing something that I did not realize was possible… especially if the techniques are on the slightly more complicated side.


I would like to see videos similar to what Vectric has on their channel, but not the same. Those are so detailed that one gets to see every button that is pushed in their software. Edit, edit and edit.

Also, the discussion about the video should be linked right here on this forum. Make a separate category and link the titles so they are easy to find. Then explain what we have questions about and moderate the comments to be pertinent to the video.

I watch a lot of videos and am very comfortable with a 10 to 15 minute video. Any longer than that, and I’m using Fast Forward! :smiley:

I agree the feeds and speeds tests have gotten a little stale. I love videos that exhibit a new skill, tip, maintenance activity, or product. I loved the old @wmoy video when he made the harry potter wand, not because I wanted to run out and make it, but it got me thinking about how I would do doublesided milling. His videos on machine setup and tramming etc are extremely useful, so more in the line of keeping the machine tuned up is appreciated. I get that the objective of a brands channel is to promote their branded items, but sometimes there are other products like double side tape or machines squares etc that can be used in unique ways to enhance precision and workflow. I feel like recovering from mistakes is something that is often glossed over or edited out but can be a useful topic to dive into deeper.


Recommendation, Winston should put more referenced info on the YT description like the F&S and other references info. I know he started writing some of that during the video but for reference, when I’ve already seen the video, I don’t want to go search for the reference info inside the video.

Since CC has changed significantly, maybe redo some of the old how to videos. Maybe a video on troubleshooting issues Shapeoko/Nomad or software related. We get a lot of this type of questions in this forum and on the Facebook page. It would be interesting to go over issues, to provide a methodology to find the cause of the problem and to fix it.


Uh oh, you heard @wmoy’s comments on the last DFX podcast where he wanted you to look into larger CNCs and CNC lathes, didn’t you? :rofl:

I’d love to see technique videos added on. Materials are one thing but techniques would be awesome too.

  1. Overview common workholding techniques (clamps, CAM-style clamps, mighty-bite-style clamps, vises, double-sided tape, masking tape and CA glue, etc.). Show how they work and how to use them.
  2. Run through two-sided machining techniques (with dowels, square-alignment jigs, vise, or other methods). Again, run through these and how to CAD/CAM them and use them in-process.
  3. Pallet systems and running jobs with multiple parts in a pallet-system. CAD/CAM and the actual technique of running a job. This could also be with systems that allow you to simply pull a part off and put another on and hit start (alignment jigs are useful for this). Essentially the ideas of how to approach high-throughput manufacturing.
  4. Effective strategies for CAD/CAM/workholding/processing (kind of a tips and tricks video for time-saving solutions/techniques). When do you want to use certain CAD/CAM/workholding/processing techniques and why.
  5. VFD spindle!

I’d love to see an in-depth look at various/specific end mills, one at a time.

what, why, how, with examples.


also, maybe quick chats with other makers, particularly hobbyists.
like, a quick shop tour and a look at a couple of recent projects.

would be cool to get inspired by people like us, and not the usual wood working YouTube cool kids club.

( I know you might not have the budget to send Winston out all over all the time, so maybe they can Skype or whatever).

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How about a video of @wmoy holding @Luke’s beer?

As @Julien mentioned, more detail would be great on project builds, also wouldn’t mind if the content/information is captured in text as an article (to @luc.onthego’s comment) . Having to scrub videos to repeat information or pausing to capture on screen text is painful with these video-only consumption day-in-age.

(Complex) multi-part/assembly projects (spread as a series)
Template’d feed/speed project/files for testing new endmills and materials
Maker shop tours


Troubleshoot and maintenance videos.


Would be great to have more videos on Carbide create and Carbide Pro for the first time user and us that do not use other programs.

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How about some of the basic projects such as coasters and signs to help get us newbies started. The written word is good but sometimes a video would work better.
Maybe divide the videos into Basics, Intermediate and Advanced to make them easier to find. I’d like to be able to choose videos more related to my (lack of) skill and not have to look at something that is more geared to an experienced user to decide if it is something within my capabilities.


Agree that would be great. Also where do you find these video’s you are referencing



More user stories! More of the Carbide shop.Interviews with employees. I think community driven videos would resonate well with the product users.



I really agree with @Julien on this too, I could quite easily watch a 40 minute video of someone planning, designing, creating and finishing a project. (I watch a lot of these but they are generally not with the shapeoko)

Also I’d really like to see some sit down and chats with the guys and ladies who make Carbide3d what it is. Some relaxed videos with the team sharing their background, what they bring to the table and what they’re excited about in the future. I have never met any of the team but feel like I know them - It’d be cool to see what drives them

And a release video of the 5’x5’ Shapeoko pro…:beer: :beer: :beer: @Luke :laughing:


lil this, lil that, lil this

agreed all around

I want to see @wmoy making mistakes.
Let’s see:
That time he forgot to connect an alligator clip.
When he forgot to set “Multiple Depths” in Fusion 360 CAM.
When the stock came free.
When he crashed his dust boot into a clamp.

Feel free to continue these ideas.

After all, isn’t that why YouTube exists?


I’ve got a couple videos in my bloopers folder for later this year… :wink:

Regarding the Speeds and Feeds testing, trust me it’s not my favorite content either. But that will subside after we build up enough data to get people started. We’re in the process of rebuilding a more realistic speeds and feeds library in Carbide Create, so all those tests go into that library. Will hopefully also have a way to query that database without opening up CC so you can look up a safe value if you’re in fusion by going to a website or spreadsheet perhaps.

Basic projects are great. I fully admit that I’ve been favoring Fusion, but I know we need a more balanced project profile. If you have any suggestions for projects, I’m all ears. I’ll assume there are ∞ votes for coasters and signs :nauseated_face:, but if you have more diverse project ideas let me know.

I’ll try going a bit more in-depth about my CAM process in the next Fusion project instead of glossing over it. If it’s well received, I’ll continue that trend. Same for CC projects.