What Does 3/5 Mean?

Hey everyone…I apologize if this is an ignorant questions, but that’s just it, I don’t know so, what I tend to do when “I” don’t know something, is ask others who may. I apologize if that’s quite often too LOL :smile:
N E Ways…
This is the description of the 20 Deg v I purchased a few months back. I’ve yet to use it, because I’ve just never understood what to enter into the Tool Libary for it… Can someone tell me what 3/5 means or do you think that’s a typo on the seller’s part? Also, if you have a clue or some guideance on what you would enter into the tool library for “all” the fields, I would be Super Grateful! Here’s that description:

  • LINER BITS, used for decorative trimming, lettering and engraving.
  • Cutting diameter: 3/5”, “V” 20 degree
  • Shank Diameter: 1/4" , Overall Length: 2"
  • Great performance on all types of hard wood, soft wood and plastics.
  • Industrial quality & Lifetime warranty.

cutting diameter is 0.6 inch…?


Does it look like this?

If so then is the 3/5 three fifths of an inch? (0.6 inches / 15.24mm)?


Her is what it looks like
0.6 would be more than half an inch. Just doesnt look like it’s more than half of an inch to me, as far as Cutting Diameter goes as it says

Looks like it could be the cutting height, not the diameter.


Yup! 5/8th on the tape, which is bout that .6. Sometimes, believe it or not (lol), there are major typos on Amazon product descriptions, “but” I can see, if you do the math, you can get this point six, just seemed odd they listed it that way, when 90% of other bits just say their dimensions out right. Hey thanks guys.
Now anyone got a recipe to enter into the settings for this baby? LOL

Look’s like they may mean 3/5 the 1/4"shank dimension ?
.25 shank / 5 = 0.05 per x 3 = 0.15" cutting diameter?
just guessing…
either way, this just may be a good candidate for my cribbage boards.
I have this coming a nice “V-Gloove”…(talk about typos at the Amazon website…)

and I think I will add the bit you mention as well…

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Dang…that’s a good theory too. I don’t know what to think at this point, nor what to enter for it. I’m combing the web trying to find something similar to go off of for the feeds and speeds, depth of cut, etc. If you find something, please let me know, I would appreciate it. Really wanna try this sucker out, but don’t know what to enter it as

Why not just measure it yourself and put the measurements you get into the database? Don’t worry about what they say (except, maybe the degrees).


Well I’ve got the dimensions entered I just dont know what plunge, feed rate, depth of cut, etc should be.

V bits you don’t want to feed too fast; I usually set mine to 35 ipm feed, 25ipm plunge (they plunge almost better than they feed) and DOC 0.08"


you do that DOC on all your vees or are you just suggesting that for me in this instance?

I use that for my 30 45 and 60 degree ones… 20 is not too far away from that :slight_smile:

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Oh ok, wow. Cool beans, I will try that. Thank you

If I may ask, how do you figure your step over?

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