What Does Empty Tool Path Mean?

What exactly does “Empty Tool Path” mean? Why is the path empty? Selected tool too large? Wrong tool? Wrong kind or type of cut for tool selected? i.e. tried to pocket cut some text with standard 1/8" end mill and the tool path came up empty. Why? Thanks in advance.

Try selecting a very small tool like a 1/16" end mill. If that doesn’t work post your file.


Usually means EITHER no vectors selected for the toolpath, OR the bit selected doesn’t fit.


As above you could also have a open vector with things like a pocket tool path. Usually if a vector is open it is purple/magenta.


Thanks Michael. Unrelated question: is there a way to reorder tool path groups? Using CC Build 764 on macOS 14.1.2. Tried dragging and dropping, but to no avail. Don’t see any menu options. Did randomly discover that when a tool path group is highlighted the right arrow key will uncollapse it revealing the tool paths in the group; the left arrow key will re-collapse the group.

NEVER MIND: Just discovered it! Right mouse click on the group name reveals a drop down menu to “Move Up” or “Move down”. Thanks, for listening.


The left click (windows) on the group can move it up but for individual tool paths you have to drag and drop. Starting a few revisions back it is more problematic to drag and drop individual tool paths than I remember on previous versions. Some times I try to move a tool path to the top of the group and it just disappears. When that happens remember to Ctrl Z to get it back. You always want to cut the least invasive tool paths first and things like contours last.

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Thanks Guy. That is good advice. I have two project designed and ready to cut. Just waiting for my machine to get here.

Yes, I’ve not been able to drag and drop to re-order tool paths within a group. In order to make sure the paths are in the order I want, I have to drag every path out of a group, dumping them into another group. Then carefully re-populate the group with the tool paths, making sure I place them in the order I want.

Drag-drop should work w/in a group — could you post a file which you have this difficulty with?

After trying the drag and drop feature again, I did get it to work. Thanks, Will.

David, I right click on a path and move up or down. When I see a line in between where I want it I release the left click.

Thanks, Michael. Yeah, I’m slowly getting hang of the program, but truly, Carbide they really needs to add some essential features I think. That’s just me.

C3D is built from user input. There is a category, Feature Request. Think through your idea then post it. As I told new hires to a place I worked at, “New ideas help us get out of the rut we get into doing it the same old way”.

If C3D thinks it is good for all, the next version could have it in it. Sorry it is not an overnight thing.

Enjoy learning, remember we are here.


Good advice. Sometimes I think I suffer from the same mindset my young son had. He would really get upset if he could not do everything perfectly. I had to remind him he was only 6 years old and it might take some time until he was an expert. I’m getting it. I have three files ready to cut. Can’t wait until my machine arrives.

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