What Fusion 360 toolpath/strategy would use for this?

I have a grid of shallow dimples I need to carve out. Here is the 3D simulation generated by Carbide Create, and the finishing toolpath (roughing toolpath not shown).

I’m wondering if I can use a more efficient strategy/toolpath in Fusion 360. Like some sort of spiraling boring operation? I’m not familiar with Fusion 360’s 3D toolpaths, so my question to those with more experience: which Fusion 360 3D toolpath would you recommend to most efficiently create these dimples?

I’d go pocket for roughing and then maybe spiral or morphed spiral for finishing?
Adaptive isn’t bad, I just find that some situations pocket roughing is faster.

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Depending on the radius, could you just use a larger diameter ball end mill or a cove bit and use a spot drill operation?