What happened here?


I was carving a file that came from a STL. I used only waterline and pencil. As you can see, it did cut it out as planned, just the last percent the job went crazy, it seemed like the endmill got stuck or so at around 98-99%.

Any idea what could have happened?

Is there anything i can check in the NC file?

Probably not the file.

We’ve seen problems like that on the ShapeOko forums when a Z-axis motor can’t retract enough and looses steps due to insufficient voltage or belt tension.

Check w/ the Nomad883 docs and see if there’s anything about adjusting the Z-axis current. If not, contact support@carbide3d.com

Oliver, I see nothing wrong in the NC file. I ran it through CutViewer mill.

It looks just like your workpiece. You’re using a ball-end mill and just cutting down to the bottom of the stock, which shows both in your first photo and in the fact that the blue background is showing through the cuts on the CutViewer overhead view.

The ball-end mill leaves feathered edges or cusps at the bottom of the full-depth cuts. I’m wondering if the Nomad was partway through the last cut one of the large “loose” pieces that I’ve checked on the CutViewer screenshot, and the piece hinged up on the thin material left (like a living hinge in plastic) and the cutter flutes pulled it up and it pinched the cutter and stalled the spindle? Does one spot on the perimeter of a loose piece (and the matching wall on the other side of the kerf) have gouge marks maybe?

Will, on the Nomad stepper board it looks like the current setting is hard-wired by a voltage divider. That is good news and bad news maybe. You can’t adjust the current, but on the other hand the current can’t be adjusted wrong… :relaxed: But I know what you’re saying. I’ve had a mis-set current problem or two in the past when the current was adjusted with a pot on the stepper board I was using.

Thanks, yeah i might just try it again and see, but i think my logic board might have an issue, this issue and lots of unexplainable and non-reproducible x-axis drifts (like this one yesterday X Axis off in some carvings, especially longer ones) make me think that there might be something wrong with that.

With non-reproducible i mean the same .nc file with the same wood (from the same board even) and same cutter and alignment causes weird slipups once, and the next time(s) its fine. I have a grid marked on my waste board so i can also see the wood never moves on the waste board.