What I learned vcarving 12 boxes

These 3x5 boxes are in progress.

Some of these turned out great. Some are too complicated. Some like the skull cut too deep. I tried some colors that we’re not black. I learned black looks best to me. I also learned to carve on the top and not the bottom

I will post finished version.


What timber did you use for these? I think the pale colour goes well with the black…especially the dolphin

All of the wood is Red Oak

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Pretty good mix of designs there, what angle bit have you been using? I have found for the finer designs like your dolphin and the lizard, to use a smaller angled bit like 30 or 45 degree, and for more simple designs like the flower, paw print and lion to use a 90 degree or even 120 degree bit.

I had a laugh at your ‘I learned to carve the top and not the bottom’… I have also learned this one haha

These were done with 60 degree v bit. Some of the complicated ones would look great on larger projects. A 3x5 canvas looks best to me with a simple design. So far friends and family want the horse that I have shown the pics to. Personally I like the lion. I am in Houston Tx today and bought some beech to make the 3x5 boxes. With the beech I may be able to increase the the size. The ones in the pic are 3x5 because the wood was already cut when I got it so I sized by the golden mean i.e. 1x 1.66 dimensions. I rounded off 3x1.66 equals 4.98" to 5".


How are you adjusting your depth of cut with the v bit. I’m new to the CNC world and tried making a few designs using the v bit cutters. Problem I’m having is they cut to deep for somethings.

Gonefishing, take a look at this thread. Basically the cut depth is based on the width of the area to be carved, narrow areas get shallow cut while wide areas get deeper cuts.