What is MDI in carbide motion v 6

What is MDI in carbide motion and should it be enabled.
Secondly, I just downloaded carbide motion v 6 yesterday and now the spindle doesn’t start. Im trying to do a advanced v carve for inlays

MDI (Manual Data Input). You can type individual G-Code lines & send them to the controller/machine.
Typically used to manually turn the spindle on, jog to a specific point, or set & read GRBL parameters.

CM settings should have an option for a VFD spindle or Bitrunner so it executes “spindle on” commands (Ex: M3S10000)

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I would enable MDI, since it allows you to send G-Code manually -which is often very useful for trouble shooting.
This second question is a perfect example. I’m assuming you’re taking about a VFD spindle. Make sure your spindle is in a safe position and that everything is tightened (or the nut and collet removed). Open the MDI and type M3S10000 (start the spindle = M3, S10000 is 10,000 RPM) and hit ENTER. The spindle should start up if powered on and the red ring is lit on the VFD box. Type M5 to stop the spindle.
If it doesn’t start, there are a series of things to check out to see why. If it worked before, it is likely to be CM6 configuration settings at the “new machine” stage.

Still not working. Red light is on and blue light is on

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