What is Remove Z height for in 3D model import?

Hey guys first post here. I just bought Carbide Create Pro a little bit a go and all my 3D models were not creating the right shape on the edges. I found Remove Z height with a percentage change of 50 shapes the model how I thought it would look. what is this setting for? I added two pictures to show what I am talking about.

Thanks Joey

Looks like you answered your own question. It appears it removes the bottom x% of the faceted model, and scales the remaining % on top to fit your Height. If you Remove 25% does it leave a bit of the vertical sides?

This is quite likely for this exact situation, when a 3D model has multiple sides with contoured detail, the import utility needs to convert it into a 2D height map, so it can’t represent the bottom portion, and creates a vertical tangent from the parting line on down.

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Thanks Tod1d,
I have had carbide pro for about a month and all my 3d files wouldn’t contour all the way to the edge and it was very frustrating. I just noticed this setting and it seems to fix my problem but I was just wondering why it defaults to 0 if 50 gets the model to look like it should. Or does everyone set it to 50 on every model? I guess it makes sense what you are saying, after figured it out I couldn’t see why it is even there.

You may need to offset your boundary if the edges of your models are steep.


Not all STL models would need the Z height removed. If, for example your model had some detail on the bottom, and you were going to flip it & cut the other side, you would want to keep that extra stock.

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That is spectacular info graphic of what is going on. I really appreciate it!


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