What is the best font

I’m trying to develop a board game and haveing a problem finding the right font to use. I have little space I am trying to find the right font

What feeling are you trying to convey?

What are the technical requirements for the font in terms of character set and size?

How readable does it need to be?

How will it be reproduced?

FWIW, I can easily see a board game requiring a number of different typefaces:

  • name/logo
  • labeling of board
  • labeling of tokens
  • manual — this could easily be several different fonts

When I’m really pressed for space, I use single line fonts. If you google “single line fonts for Cricut” hopefully you find one you like.

Once you have the font, in Carbide Create look at using a “No Offset” contour toolpath.


Now the width of the lines are in your control. If you use a 1/16 bit the lines will be 1/16 thick, and if you need to go smaller use a V bit and take advantage of the (new) feature in Carbide Create that simulates no offset v-bit cuts so you can see how thick a V 60 bit is when it is down 0.01 inches (or whatever).


Comic Sans is the best font. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.


Seriously though, what is the theme/style of your board game? The font is part of the execution of that theme/style, so that should help inform your choice.


Welcome to the club

When I have questions on fonts, I pick one and ask the wife…

Then I ask my Granddaughters, they are usually right. I have never been right, ask my wife. I am 64 yrs old, have different ideas, likes.

So to expand on that, I use MDF, put a design something like I am trying to achieve. Add some text and ask questions. It is surprising how some stain or paint will change someone’s perspective.

Good luck


I always zoom right into fonts to check them, sometimes they look great but when you zoom in you can find overlaps and open ended vectors not so much with single line fonts tho, but they can have zigzag lines here and there if that makes sense

And YES ask the wife lol

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