What Is This Strange Sound?

Any idea what is causing this strange sound?

Pretty sure that is the power supply fan.

I’m not sure, but my machine has just started to do this also in the past 2 weeks. it will only last about 20-30 seconds then it sounds like it gets choked out (bogged down) and just completely stops.

Guess it is time to finally make my own video and submit a support ticket for all my weird noises to be diagnosed.

Other than the sounds, the Nomad is still cutting away just fine.

Sounds like a fan to me too.

i have had that with one of my nomads. i thought it was the PSU fan but I recently replaced the psu and rerouted the wire so I’m not sure it can be it. Plus the way it goes away after a while seems to suggest it may not be the fan.

It’s absolutely the enclosure fan. I’ve had the same issue and have gotten a replacement once. It’s hard to come by reliable/quiet little buggers at that small of a size, so I’ve been considering making adjustments to accommodate a standard 80mm fan.

Ok so I had to open up the noisy mill again because one of the limit switch wires failed. So I was able to determine that it was indeed the PSU fan and that even brand new the fans can make an awful noise, internally, independent of any wires around it. Which IMO means these are either unacceptably low quality PSUs or they are not meant to run in this orientation, which in itself would be an indicator of low quality as fans should be able to run in any orientation.