What is your favorite sender, and why?

I’ve been using UGCS for a while now. UGCS and Carbide Motion are the only senders I’ve tried. I started using UGCS for the macro support, which makes zeroing my machine easier.

I subsequently suggested a feature to cut an array of parts, and it was implemented. So if you cut a simple part and your file works acceptably, you can then tell UGCS to cut an array (you specify X * Y and spacing between), and it will oblige you.

But I see other senders mentioned and wonder why people like those.

So what senders have you tried, what do you like/dislike about them, what are you using now?

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I switch between Estlcam and CC. The scary part is when you have to reflash the Shapeoko board to Estlcam and back. So far it works every time. But I like the probe features to engrave on almost any shape. Mostly I program in Estlcam and run in Carbide Motion. I think its called Tricordal milling, it works great on steel. Helical milling of holes is the only way to fly in any material. Being able to select the point the endmill starts when cutting out parts is a major plus too. I tried CNCJS but am not patient enough to get it to work on Linux. Would require a complete step by step for dummies. I think I will try UGCS next. Only been at it for a year. Looking forward to everyone answers.

I’m a big fan of CNC JS, easy to use, great macros and looks good.

CNCJS on an older Windows PC.

Works great right now. Hoping that the auto-level feature is added soon.

I use UGS. I grew beyond CM’s features. UGS was easy to set up, supported macros in a way that worked for me, and had (no more, really) big enough buttons on screen to work well with a touch screen. I like it’s “file assist” feature - you can provide a list of files you want to run, and it runs them one at a time with an opportunity to change endmills or do whatever in between them without losing your place, or forgetting to load the next file, etc.

I tried CNCjs and just…well…didn’t like it. There’s some just personal preference at play here.

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