What kind of collet is this?

I was watching a video on the Pocket NC.

Mark (member here) has one, I didn’t know what it was, started Googling and the next thing you know I see them change a bit via this collet I don’t recognize. May be commonplace, I’m not experienced.

Sure went fast, what is that?

ER11 collet. The spindle is wrenchless rather than using a collet nut. (or so it appears. I don’t see this configuration on their web site, but I have used very similar setups on larger machines and the pocket NC uses ER11)


Well I think that is pretty darn nifty.

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Yup, it’s a nice TOY. Can’t machine aluminum outside of the lab I am told, and I don’t believe there is any affordable (GOOD) 5 axis programs.

I was only commenting on the way the collet works, not the machine otherwise.

Oh, I thought the Nomad had an ER11 collet…

It is that wrenchless spindle, twist a lever and remote the bit. Insert new bit, twist the lever, done.

Yeah, I was really surprised when they yielded control of their software stack to Autodesk after the Kickstarter (but then not surprised when AD said that all folks would get for free and reasonable prices would be 3 axis + 2 indexed axis machining).

5-axis is hard and the forces involved make it very difficult to make a lightweight machine for more than the most easily cut materials. Physics are inexorable.