What kind of drilll do I need

Hello guys, I was wondering, what kind of drill do I need in order to use these “Nylon Abrasive Wheel Brush Filament, 320# 400# 600#”?

What kind of drill model do you think will work? Since I only will be using the drill for cleaning fuzzies I would like to purchase the cheapest drill that makes the work. Thanks.

There are many battery operated cheap drills. I have three Dewalt 20V cordless drills and use them all. I keep a 1/4 inch bit holder similar to this in two of the drills.


I keep one just the chuck for drilling.

Stay with the name brands like Dewalt, Makita, Bosch and the like so later you can get batteries should they fail. I find that the 2amp hour batteries work fine for general purpose in the drills but I also have an angle grinder, 6.25" saw and an impact driver. So the 5 amp hour batteries work best for those because every time you let off the trigger the tool applies a brake that eats up the battery life.

I was using the angle grinder to cut out windows on a metal building and it would eat up the battery before I could get the window cut out. So if possible buy the tool with a bigger battery if possible.

Modern Lithium batteries last a long time and keep their charge while in storage but nothing kills a lithium battery faster than running it down all the way and not charging it.

The versatility of a battery drill cannot be beat for all kinds of projects from drilling to fastening screws. When creating CNC projects they many times have to be mounted or assembled and a battery drill can do those chores quick and easy.

What ever brand you choose stick with that because the batteries work on multiple tools across the single brand. Woodworking requires a certain amount of investment to do it well.

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