What kind of "duty cycle" should I expect?

I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and am currently running what I consider to be a production level job. Once I finish it will be used less strenuously.

That being said - how long can I run sequential jobs without fear of ill effects (motor burnout)? I’ll be honest - I haven’t looked at specs on the motors, nor of the dewalt.

I doubt the job I’m running will tax the machine too much, but I am very curious.

Early on Brandon Fischer worked his SO1 very hard, early failures were belt and router carbon brushes. Other wear items include V-wheels and the wasteboard. Good to stock pulleys and set screws.

I’ve easily got more than 100 hours on mine, though I run slower than most. From what I’ve read on the forums the dewalt brushes go out above 100 hours. I’ve replaced all belts, but the Z. Also replaced the bearings and v-wheels on the X plate.

Great - thanks. When I’m done I’ll only have 21 hours on the machine (give or take a few).

How did you know when it was time to do a belt replacement?