What kind of end mill to use for flattening stock?

I’ve seen several comments on flattening waste board and stock, what is the best end mill for the job?

If you are using a Shapeoko 3 with the DW611 then I would recommend a straight flute router bit. As for size, the biggest you can get with a 1/4" shank! Something in the 1 1/2" sort of size should be fine.

NB: This probably won’t work for flattening aluminium stock unless you take really shallow passes. But then again, aluminium stock tends to be pretty flat so as long as you flatten your waste and spoil board you should be fine!

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Sorry, yes, Shapeoko 3 XXL with DW611 for wood. So, really any flat router bit with a 1/4" shank?

yes it’s a router so it can use router bits. I purchased a 1 1/4" resurfacing bit just for this task. I user a 3/4 router bit until I upgraded :slight_smile:

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@UncommonDad Yep! Pretty much! make sure it is new or freshly sharpened for the best results :slight_smile:

Thx Guys! :grinning:

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I have ordered one of thesew surfacing bits but CC is asking me for the tool settings and I’m too much of a noob still. It wants plungerate, feedrate, rpm and depth. Anyone got any suggestions for hardwood?

I bought a 24mm diameter bit and my trim router is a Makita. I ran it at 10,000rpm but I believe that the DW611 does not go slower than 16,000rpm at its lowest setting. It is a big piece of metal to fling around and it may show a need for tramming. I would not take any deeper cut than 0.1mm and have a stepover of no more than say… 33% initially. If everything is true, you wont need to remove more than around .2 mm anyway. Make sure that you do not have any screws or clamps in the path of the cutter.

After you have made your pocketed toolpath covering the area of the baseboard on which you will place your spoilboard, affix the spoilboard and make your cut. If you are unsure, make an air cut (keep the cutter at least 10mm above your spoilboard and watch what it does when instructed to cut. This will help you to visualise the path it will take and remove any possible obstructions.

Summary, cutter speed as low as you can get it. no depth change larger than .1mm, plunge rate gentle so say… anywhere from around 500 ~ 750mm/min. Feed rate around 1500mm/min .

You may find this thread informative, where I surfaced my spoilboard and had to tram my machine. It required a complete strip and reassembly so that everything was in a proper square relationship to everything else.

What bid is suggested to be used with the standard router that comes with the shapeoko 3xl?

I’m cheap — I use the bundled #201 where I can, including for surfacing.

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Nah… sensible more like. I paid almost $60 for my surfacing bit. It is nice but it ain’t cheap.