What Magnets are you using?

What magnets are you guys using to keep lids closed on, lets say, a dice box for DND?
there is so much on Amazon, I have no idea what is and isn’t what I’m looking for.

I haven’t made one in a while, but I think I used these maybe?
I did pick them up because they work in the destiny ghost figure things I do, so they might be bigger than what would be appropriate for a dice box. Also depends on the type of box.

I use these for holding the skirt onto my dust boot, fridge magnets etc.

Whilst I’m never convinced by the specs or ratings of anything on Amazon or eBay, there is a rating system for Neodymium magnets which gives you an idea of the strength of the magnet in question.

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Ordered several sizes, but the ones I use most often are 6mm x 1.5mm discs.
It really depends on how much space you have, if the box is made from 1/2 (thick) wood 6mm is .236 inches so (in my opinion) it fits well.

And for $14 you can get 100
I have ordered from K&J several times and have not been disappointed.


And those look to be N35 rated so not the “you’ll lose a fingernail trying to pry it off the stack” strength

I only got the N52 for the really small magnets.


Thanks, I ordered these from K&J

Just in case,

It’s also worth noting that pretty much anything Neodymium should be kept away from children, pets or anthing else that might accidentally eat two or more, they’re strong enough to be quite unpleasant if ingested.

Though I tend to shy away from magnets unless I really need to use them (magnetized tools that shouldn’t be really bug me, and in a lot of other contexts they attract crud and are otherwise as annoying as useful), I do use them for closures.

I use whatever 6 to 8mm rare earth (neodymium) I can get that is round and has a hole through it for a screw. I do not trust glues to hold them. I usually bed in glue (epoxy or rubberized cyanoacrylate, depending), as well. For box closures, I usually use a steel screw on the mating part, and often use 0.25mm poly or PTFE tape on top of the magnet to make it easier to keep clean, pad it a little, and force a small gap-- this keeps the closure force reasonable.


I use a variety of 3mm thick n50 or stronger magnets from China Magneto Store on aliexpress. I’ve purchased several times from them and though you have to wait a bit for delivery (especially in COVID days) the quality has been good.

Three 5x3mm ones on top and bottom of a hex dice box (6 magnets total) are enough to hold it tightly together even with my heavy cast zinc dice rattling around inside and a 1mm or so air gap between the magnets.


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