What size are the expanaion pack extrusions

I am planning to eventually upgrade my SO3 to am xxl. Are the extrusion lengths in the expansion pack the same as the standard extrusions. I figure one way to beat the freight and duty on importing an expansion pack is to buy front and rear rails and extrusions from someones left overs and make wires and stuff locally.

The sizes of the parts are noted in:

B.O.M. - ShapeOko.

from memory it’s 600mm for the SO3 (and XL Y-axis) and 40" for the XXL (and XL X-axis) — the problem is, the larger parts are never left-over — you’d need to find someone who had upgraded to an XXL, but who wants to down-size to an SO3.

Bummer I assumed that extension involved joining rails but it seems rails get replaced and shorter ones discarded? If joining was involved I would have sorted that locally with machined “splines” inserted in the rails.
Problem I have is that the pack has a lot of unwanted mdf and support rails that costs a bundle to freight and I’m be dumping it anyway and mounting the rails flat on a sheet of mdf as top of a torsion box. I could even get front/rear rails mfg locally but extrusions are a different matter as they are not available commercially I understand.

The MDF and front/back rails and cross straps are used to provide structure to the package — if they were removed they’d have to be replaced w/ additional packaging, so wouldn’t really represent a savings.

Correct, the extrusion is specific to Carbide 3D and there isn’t a matching commercial profile.

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