What Tool For Catch All Trays?

What bit should be used for making catch all trays?

In what material?

For what feature/toolpath?

At what dimensions?

In cherry, maple, or walnut.

Should it be contour or pocket?

I use a 1/2 inch bowl bit for mine.
I do a majority of the cut with a .75 bottom surfacing bit, then contour cut the edge.
Works well for me.

I believe you will want a pocket, but a contour can be used as well to achieve the effect of the bowl bit which @ehendrix mentioned:

Let us imagine you want a 6" x 3" pocket — draw a rectangle that size:

Change the corners to rounded:

Assign a toolpath to cut as deeply as desired:


But if one wants a rounded bottom, subtract the diameter of a ball-nosed tool:

Then assign a no-offset contour toolpath using a ball-nosed tool:

Basically a catch tray is a utility item so just about anything you have. Pine and Poplar would be good. If you have some scrap hardwood that would look nicer but again it is a utilitarian item so no need to get fancy. Use what ever bits you have. Most everyone has a #201 but if you have bowl bits or others then use them. I tend to use the #251 down cut bit for a nice floor finish and not as much lip chip out.

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