What tool for small cuts?

Ok so I been seeing people stuff in the gallery and the tiny cuts they are doing. What bits are people using? I’m trying to do cuts using .03 bit and in the simulation it’s not right. Am I not using the bits correctly? What people recommend?

How is it not right?
Would need to know what you’re doing.
What material.

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I will be cutting into popular. This is just one example of what I’m working with. I’m making a bottle opener so my dimensions are 5.5in W x 18in L. I can’t get the eyes done because they are too small and in the simulation it never looks right. Am I doing something wrong? Or just too small of an image? I have run into the same issues with some other projects that I just can’t make the small cut. Just want some tips to point me in the right direction if I’m doing it right and it just can’t be cut.

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In order to be cut, the smallest dimension of a given pocket must be larger than the bit diameter plus 10%.

One option is to do a hybrid of V-engraving and pocketing (if necessary, draw in additional geometry for the pockets).

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Are you doing a cut out or just cutting the image into the surface?