What type of end mills are needed to do this type of cut? (pic inside)

I understand that it wont come out perfectly smooth like the image but with a cut like this, what type of end mill do you guys recommend with minimum layered steps.

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My approach:

Ball end, as large diameter as practical. Rough with square end, leaving 0.1 to 0.5mm for finishing with the ball end.

The bottom lip around the speakers would be done with the square end tool, and, depending on the available tools, the tapered section leading to the square lip (so as to get the crisp internal corner) might be done with close passes of the square tool and hand finished or with an appropriate angle chamfer tool.


Check out core box bits for the top section and a v cutter for angled section.


Keep in mind that while it might look kind neat, it might not be great audio-wise. That would be considered a waveguide and unless you’ve seen some before and after response curves indicating improved performance (flatter, louder, whatever), I’d be careful copying it.


This is great, thanks guys for the feedback!