What type of router bit to use?

Deer Head Cutout.c2d (167.8 KB)
What type of router bit would you suggest to cut this project out? I have it set up for 1/8" end mill but I don’t think it’s small enough.

The narrowest channel is scarcely more than 1/10th of an inch:

The best way to get detail would be to cut it out as an V carving so as to get as much detail as possible.

Is your stock actually 0.85" thick? Do you have an endmill w/ that long of a cutting flute?

Reducing this to 0.5" one possibility would work something like this:

First, offset by endmill diameter plus 10%:

Then assign a V carving toolpath for the details:

Then a pocket to remove the bulk of the material w/o cutting a slot:

Then cut out starting at the bottom of that pocket, putting in some tabs to hold things in place:

which would preview as:

So my stock is typically .5"-1". I usually make shelving with a 1/4" end mill that has a pretty long cutting length so I didn’t think I would have an issue cutting this out but then I realized my 1/4" would be too big. I’m not too concerned with losing the right ear separation but I thought maybe a 1/16" would work. I’d like to keep the same thickness if possible. I’m fairly new to this and haven’t ventured away from making shelves.

Would it change the appearance too much if you were to adjust the size and/or angle of the right ear to create separation and room for the tool?

No that wouldn’t be a big deal. I could definitely try that. I guess my big question is: Is there a strong enough, small enough, long enough bit to do this job in a stock that would be .5"-1" thick?

Something like this would look really nice.

Thanks Anthony! I was thinking of something like that but I wasn’t sure!

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Have you considered doing the cutout as a flip job, where you cut to a depth of 50% of stock thickness then flip horizontally for the remainder of the cutout?

I’m looking to make something like this as an end product. I’m not keeping the deer head cut out. So I need to keep the detail of the antlers and I can definitely move the right ear if need or even let it blend in a bit with the antler.

I was thinking about getting a bit like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0778GD1WJ/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=A3C1LPUJ1KE781&psc=1

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Redraw so that the design is suited to being cut out as you need to cut it.

Thanks everyone! I got the design fixed so I don’t lose any of the detail!

I spent a few minutes trying to adjust this for you. Maybe it will work or maybe not.
I copied the SVG, edited the bottom half, and
New elk for CC forum
then edited the top half. Then I welded the two halves together to make more space. It looks a little wonky, but you get the idea.

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Wow that looks really great! Thank you so much! I’m still very much a newbie with this machine and programming!

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2nd elk for cc.c2d (492.1 KB)

I am a newbie also. I have 2 years experience, but I hardly know much about this hobby.
My goal is to learn something new on every project.

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