What USB standard?


I’m sure it’s written in the specification somewhere but, to make sure I get the right extender (if I go down that route), what USB standard does the Shapeoko XXL use, please?

Thank you.

USB 2.0, type B on Shapeoko side and type A on computer side, e.g.


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Please do not use an extender.

We recommend no more than a 6’ USB cable — some folks have been successful placing a powered USB hub in-between cable runs, and a couple of folks have used active repeaters, but we don’t recommend or support that.

Thanks again @Julien

It was the USB 2.0 I was after, as I’m thinking of getting one of these to get over the slightly longer lead I’ve currently got (about 7feet in total!)

Hmm, I’ll need to do something, but if you won’t support USB leads longer than the provided one (which is also too long?) or extenders, I’m a bit stumped.

Would a powered USB hub work?

USB Extenders can work, but circumstances and criticality have to be considered. I know of control rooms (power stations etc) that use them to very good effect. Top of market in this arena is:


Declare self interest here… this is my Company, as-in I work there.

Hmm, want to send me one so I can test it and tell everyone how wonderful it is? LOL

I would love to give them away, but… how would I afford all the lovely CNC toys if I did?

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In all seriousness, if you do need to use a powered USB hub or USB extender, the cheaper end of the market tend to give issues. Just what you don’t need when controlling your CNC… Of course I would recommend my company’s product, but there are other ‘good makes’. Just not as good as mine, obviously :slight_smile:

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“don’t support” means just that: they won’t help you if you run into issues while using the longer lead. You can still do it.

Your Amazon link looks good to me, it’s an active USB/ethernet converter, so as long as the ethernet cable isn’t terrible, you should be fine.

The supported alternative I’d recommend is just sticking a small PC right next to the Shapeoko. A lot of people use the cheap Windows 10 tablets that you can buy from AliExpress. Search “windows tablet” on the forum and you’ll see tons of them.


a powered hub is actually a good idea, since it reduces the impact of all kinds of power management on your PC/laptop host…

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Having spent as much as I have (and everyone else, probably!) on starting this hobby, I wouldn’t go for cheap now!

Fair comment :laughing:

I have a Microsoft Surface that only has one USB port so I use a powered 4 port hub. I have all 4 ports occupied (CNC, wireless joystick dongle, wireless mouse dongle and USB thumb drive) and I’ve had no issues running that.


I’m new to this and didn’t know there was a 6’ guideline, so I got this. :slight_smile:
It works perfectly for me. I’ve done 4 or 5 cuts, some as long as 2 hours. No issues.


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