What would you like to design in 3D in Carbide Create Pro

That is some fine bows You are making, I had a look on the website.


Thank you! Now if I can figure out how to program them into my cnc I won’t have to build everything by hand. Lol


Just playing around a bit.
This is the sunflower from above.
Still needs v carve lines
There is a small arc on leaves from outside to inside. Plus leaves are cuffed
Used CC Pro


I was looking to do something more like this (from the 2.5D perspective):

Which really may be more outside of what Create pro is looking to do, but I figured I’d throw it in the ring for consideration.


I see a lot of relief images that for example say welcome to and then have a blank spot. It would be nice to be able to insert text or an image of what I’d like into a certain spot into the relief png or stl file

That is pretty simply done now — just draw in what you want in the blank area, or draw geometry which describes the blank area and import the design you want into that geometry — it will come in at the center.

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Thanks, Will. That looks like it’ll take a lot of patience for a complex profile. :smile: This was more of a a wishlist post for CC Pro for a moulding toolpath, like this: Moulding Toolpath - VCarve Pro V9.0 User Manual

Josh this is a quick cut on to flowerish pot above.

Inside/top cut for 8 peddles. Needs outside/bottom cut. Like inside and outside of a bowl.

I would make two bowls, one a little larger then the first. then stack them. Would look nice.

Safety first, make some saw dust.

For that, you will need either a 3D model of it, or a depth map version.

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Thanks Will, maybe I am missing the intent of Rob’s request. If we find or have images like mine, I’d like to have a way in the software to take a grayscale image and build that depth map. Otherwise I am aware I would need a 3D model or depth map of it.

I just booked a job for next year…will be making these tables under glass. I plan to cut each layer upside down, with separate contours for each layer, and use modeling to get smooth outer profile. I’m guessing there’ll be a little math to calculate the position of each layer to make sure it lines up within sanding tolerances of the next layer.

I don’t know if there are any special functions needed…just how to know the size differential from the top to the bottom of the outer angles so that each layer can line up correctly. I’ll also need to be able to model a curved vector in which only one side is angled up…that might be a little tricky.

  • Gary

Playing around with 738 and how you would do that currently.

Came up with this by modeling it in NX and measuring the angles & diameters

But the best I could get the model was to use 2" tall limited angled components.
Tried with round, but it looked a lot worse.

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I can sand the outside smooth. I think the challenge is going to be cutting curved components that have a cross-section that looks like this:

One side modeled, the other side flat - as it goes around a curve

OK…not too bad. I had to do a little playful finagling, but ;I’ve got enough technique to know I’ll get it.

I needed to create a false perimeter to get the angle to be one-sided.

Next trick is sizing the steps…which I COULD do with layers and trail-and-error

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OK…so now I have two stacked layers…I think I kind of have a beat on this.

I’m trying to organize with layers, but I’ve got to say, the interface (for me) is very counter-intuitive. Trying to use the same vector to represent the inside of one layered object and the outside of a different layer’s object is impossible without replicating the vector…which isn’t what I want because they represent the same point and should always be the same line.

NOTE: I realize that the outer angles don’t line up … I will make that happen when I actually do the design…i’m just working through technique at this point

I would highly recommend drawing up a side / section view like I did above. Then you can just measure each layer to get dimensions. No guessing or trial&error.
Pro-Tip: You can run 2 instances of CC. Do your section view in one, and your workpieces in another. :wink:

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Can you recommend any software (or PhotoShop plug-ins) for creating 3D depth maps from images?

The one time I’ve created a depth map, I drew it up in a vector drawing program, then exported it:

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Been running some numbers, as in the movie Jaws, "You need a bigger (BOAT)CNC/software/wood

Sorry my excel is a bit cryptic.

Nice work Tod/Will

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Automatically? I don’t think it’s possible from a regular 2d image without artificial intelligence.

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