What's going on here..?

I downloaded a design from Cut Rocket and adjusted it to suit my materials, changed the design a tiny bit, saved the project and then exported the *.nc file.

Going to my machine, I had to make a minor amendment to the saved file, but the toolpaths for some elements of the project are blank - even though these haven’t changed from the original.

The only ‘global’ thing I’ve changed it the material (from MDF to plywood) and it’s thickness (from 0.75" to 18mm). Would these changes have affected that, please?

The settings are still there (in the toolpath) but it shows empty. I’m confused.

Please post the file and a step-by-step description of what was done to it.

Are the tool definition files the same for both machines?

Could it be that you opened the file in CC5 beta on one machine, then in CC4 on the other?

Hmm, tool definitions. As far as I can see, they are. Both files use the Carbide 3D 201 end mill and they’re both set up for the XXL. I did remove one of the vectors are replace it with my own, and it defaulted to the 102 end mill (which I don’t have!), so I rectified that. The ‘empty’ toolpaths repopulated when I removed then readded the 201 end mill.

Nope, both software versions are the same, Build 474. but it does crash from time to time, most recently about 20 minutes ago!

I’ve uploaded both files to compare them, but the toolpaths are OK in mine now, since editing the tool options.


Drop Tray - B.c2d (138.5 KB) Drop Tray - Original.c2d (117.1 KB)

When you create a path, if the tool you select is too wide for the area being carved, the toolpath will be empty because that tool will not fit the work.


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