What's included in the Shapeoko 4?

Hi everyone!

I’m about to jump in and purchase the Shapeoko 4 XL but am confused as to what’s included.

In the website, the following is included:

  • Shapeoko 4
  • Carbide Motion control software
  • Carbide Create 2D CAD/CAM software
  • Assembly tools
  • #201 .25" Flat Endmill
  • Qty 12, M6 T-Nuts

I was wondering if I needed to purchase the following or if it’s included as well:

  1. T-track and Clamp kit,
  2. Shapeoko Essentials Workholding Kit,
  3. Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot and the
    4, BitZero V2

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! :smiley:

I am surprised that the Sweepy does not come with it but that seems to be separate on a Shapeoko 4. If you want 1-4 in your list you will have to buy them. You will also need a router. I would suggest the Makita. You will need a few more bits but I would start with the following:

102 (will need 1/8 inch collet elairecorp.com)

Start with these and buy bits as you need them. The bundles seem like a good deal but if you dont use all the bits then the price is not that good.

You will need clamps but since you are buying the essential work holding make your own clamps. I perfer cam clams but they do not work on the t-track. Some people drill the MDF and add Tee nuts so they can use cam clamps as well as t-track type clamps.

Sweepy comes with the SO4. At least I got one when I bought the XXL.

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Thanks @gdon_2003!

To confirm, the T-track does not come with the Shapeoko 4? That’s the main part for me, because I live in Singapore and the T-tracks, while they cost $175, it adds an additional $300 for shipping.

It’s befuddling that they listed the “upgrades” from the Shapeoko 3, but don’t include them in the Shapeoko 4. Completely dumbfounded.

@kaizen33 well, that’s interesting… I wonder if a sales representative from Carbide could help me out with this, or perhaps @wmoy ? :smiley:

Those listed “upgrades” are built-in improvements from the S3, not paid accessories. The Hybrid table = t-slots and MDF slats, so you don’t need to buy the separate T track upgrade.


Thanks @wmoy! Time to click the purchase button :smiley:

edit: one more thing @wmoy, do I have to purchase sweepy 2.0 if I purchase the XL, or does it come included?

My SO4 XXL came with a 65mm Sweepy 2.0.


Thanks, i’m just going to assume the XL comes with it as well. (:

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Sweepy comes with any Shapeoko.