What's the thinnest wall I can create with aluminum or acrylic?

I want to mill out text and fill it with color. I need a stroke around the text in different color.

So my plan is to leave a very thin wall as a border between the text and the stroke.

I’ll be doing this in aluminum and acrylic, curious what you guys think about the thinnest wall I can achieve without running into issues.

This can be done with a great deal of care. You need to use a “Level First” approach. You cut on both sides of the thin wall, then move down to the next cutting level. If all cutting conditions are nearly perfect, you should be able to get either aluminum or acrylic pretty thin. (0.005"). This also depends on the depth of the cut too.

That being said, why not cut the letters, fill them, let that harden & go back & cut the strokes then fill them? Then you don’t need any thin walls.


Amazing idea! That will save so much time and headaches. Thanks a million!

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