When Amazon Prime Day meets Shapeoko

As the world knows we had prime day this week…

Well like many others I spent silly money replacing half of my Alexa devices for no apparent reason.

Anyway, as with all new kit you need somewhere to place it. I previously had an Alexa near the sink, but it kept getting slashed… not great and this one has a screen!

I had to do something about this… Here is my half hour project from last night.

Step 1: Measure the wall - nothing is straight in England. I actually got out my digital protractor.

Step 2: Design a geometric tiny shelf with a 92.3 corner.

Step 3: Throw some scrap walnut onto the Shapeoko and mill out the shelf - Hello 1/4 downcut bit…

Step 4: Danish oil and wax it

Step 5: Sleep, coffee, procrastinate over mounting the shelf.

Step 6: Attach it to the wall with some tiny L brackets & finish with wire strip

Step 7: Say goodbye to your privacy

Writing this took longer than making it :joy:


I’m interested in hearing about the feeds and speeds and DOC/WOC you used for this downcut bit in walnut.
Sorry, I meant “Alexa, please ask Luke about his feeds and speeds”.


ha ha that would be sweet!

I went nice and slow as it’s the first time I busted out this bit. I ran a ramp pass 2mm max doc, 10,000 rpm and 1500mm a min. I left a 0.5mm of stock then did a finishing pass at 500mm a min taking off the full 20mm edge.

It was great, zero sanding needed :slight_smile:

Not the best use for walnut as it has a beautiful grain…

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ok so WOC 100% (with ramping), DOC ~30%, roughing chipload 0.003" and finishing chipload 0.001"
(don’t mind me, just checking those values against my guidelines,and they match just right)

That feeling when you don’t have to sand at all…priceless. Gotta love downcut endmills!
Where did you buy yours ?


So you used a downcut bit and cut a profile the width of the bit through the entire depth (seems like your material is 17 or 18mm thick)?

I haven’t used a downcut bit that much, had been thinking I’d need to pocket something that deep to give chips a little more room to escape and not pack in?

Sounds about right.

It was the standard Carbide 3d downcut end mill

Very smart/clean cuts. I had one sat on the side and was itching to find a use for it. It’ looks positively bonkers.

@cgallery the material was 20mm thick, with a ramp cut it runs around the pool path lowering by 2mm per pass. There was some dust build up in the path, but not too bad. I was using an improvised dust boot.


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