When will the nomad 3 be back in stock?

I checked the website and didn’t see anything. Hoping someone from corporate will let me know here. If I missed something please do point it out.

Not from corporate, but please ask us at sales@carbide3d.com and we’ll share what information and scheduling we can.

HDPE and grey HDPE are in stock, if you hadn’t seen that.


I just ordered mine so hopefully fulfilment doesn’t take too long. I can’t wait to get started!

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That’s odd. I get a form saying I should sign up to hear when they are available.

Are you looking at the bamboo? That says sold out but the HDPE can be ordered. I would have loved the bamboo but really need the machine so can’t wait for something that’s cosmetic.

It has been 69 days since I ordered the grey HDPE Nomad 3.
The reply I get every time I ask is that it will be shipped by the end of the week.

I am starting to wonder what is going on. One time they stated that they are waiting for parts, but then it should say sold out on their site.
Starting to worry where half my savings really went…

Well that’s not encouraging.

For whatever reason I never got an email to let me know they were in stock. I looked and turns out they have them. Here’s to it being shipped on time.

As was previously mentioned bamboo is the enclosure that is out of stock. HDPE and grey HDPE are still in stock.

Maybe you have some luck inside the US if you are there.
It may be some trouble with logistics to northern Europe?

I have some trust in Carbide 3D having followed them for years.
But waiting that long sucks!!

Oh dear, I’m in Australia and everything takes forever to get here.

It would be nice to get updates on what’s happening with orders. I know other similar company’s have stated things like they are now sending out orders from March week 4. Keeps people from feeling forgotten and they know they are in a queue. Just an idea while I wait, I’m still a month or so away from mine.

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