Where can I find the stored Zero on the PC? Please help!

Ok. Im about 90% done on a project and for some reason I get an error and the machine stops working so I shut it down and was in a rush out the door so I left it overnight.

I’m trying to restart the machine but the zero is lost (I’ve edited the G code 4 times, shut down the machine 3 times already and never lost the zero) I didn’t restart my PC or anything.

I’m scratching my head now how this can happen. I’ve even left the machine off over the weekend and re started on Monday with no issues!

I’ve read in other posts that the PC keeps the zero stored if this is the case I should have no issue finding it but where is the zero stored? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.

Not the answer to your question, but what I do because I have had similar problems in the past, is I ALWAYS write down my XYZ dimension (From 0) before I click Zero. This is a fool me once, but NEVER fool me twice approach. I seldom need to refer to the written number, but when I do, I just smile.

So info for the future.

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In the absence of some hard number, my suggestion would be to examine the remaining material and see if there are features which you can use to establish a reference and determine where zero should be.

i started doing that but i was a fool to stop thinking it will not be an issue.

i have PCB milling machine about 15 years old now and it requires me to right it down every set up.

i got stupid i guess and neglected the obvious solutions smh…

please explain a little on what you mean by “features”

Perhaps there is some angle, protrusion, or pair of flat surfaces, or a pair of holes which will allow you to reference them for the position of the piece relative to the desired zero?

To get the position (from 0) you need to click the ‘clear all offsets’ button first right? That gives you a true position relative to the home flag? Just want to make sure I am recording the correct number when I do this :smiley:

Yes, you are correct.

@WillAdams I ended up getting it back with in .005" close enough that i can work with it but not ideal. i did find a groove that helped me target my location.

@RichCournoyer what exactly does the clear offset do. correct me please because i can be just recording my details wrong. what i have been doing is from the home postion i just be going to the bottom right max side and recording my numbers from that ultimate point.

Is this info actually stored on the PC? It was my understanding it’s kept in nonvolatile memory on the machine itself.

As I understood it, the Zero locations are stored in non-volatile memory (So it isn’t lost if you turn off CM OR your computer), and clearing the offsets clears this memory location, and resets Home as 0,0,0 (Plus the pull back, e.g. 5mm)